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WallDetect Physical Detection System

WallDetect Physical Detection System provides early detection of potential intruders attempting to penetrate walls, roofs and floors protected by the WallDetect detection barrier.

The piezoelectric sensor cable applied to the fabric or structure protected. Simply by installing the sensor cable in a conduit securely fixed to the wall, roof or floor being protected.

The detection range of the sensor cable will pick up audible signals and vibrations to penetrate the protected barrier / wall.

The noises and vibrations, transmitted to the seismic analyser for analysis and detection. The seismic analyser detection channels, programmed to identify the signals created by noises and vibrations. These signals usually occur during intrusions and attempts to penetrate the protected surface.

Blocking the WallDetect physical detection system is not possible, unlike other forms of detection. The system continually monitors the fabric, against attempts to penetrate the walls, roof or also ceiling of the secured area(s). The physical detection system, ideal for the protection of bonded warehouses, strong rooms, explosives stores or any building or structure in which high values or hazardous materials stored.

The sensor cable available installed on the inside or outside of the building, on the walls and also on the roof to provide early detection of would be intruders attempting to break in through the fabric of the building.

Physical Detection System, Alarm Monitoring & Control

WallDetect PIDS operated by system analysers that operate from 12v to 24vDC. Zone alarm relays normally closed open to alarm volt 3 outputs. The FenceDetect alarm outputs easily interfaces with all types of CCTV and also alarm monitoring systems. WallDetect Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems are ideal for use with CCTV remote monitoring and also surveillance systems.


Features and Benefits
  • Seismic Intrusion Detection System
  • Complete perimeter protection
  • High security
  • Suitable for wall and roof protection
  • Easy to install
  • Piezoelectric cable
  • Alarm relay outputs
  • Single or Dual zone analysers
  • Operates from 12 to 24VDC
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Power Requirements: Nominal 12VDC 30mA supply
Operating Temperature: -40C to +70C
Housing: GRP IP65 Weatherproof Housing
Maximum Zone Length: Up to 300m
Detection Cable: Piezoelectric Detection Cable for Maximum Performance

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