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Hollow Vertical Bar Railings

Combining dramatic appearance and economy, hollow tube vertical bar railings from Zaun are increasingly popular in many settings.

Similar to solid bar railings, hollow tube railings are larger in diameter than the equivalent weight solid bar, and so have a heavier visual impact. These bigger tubes give similar strength to smaller solid bars and are well suited to areas where appearance is a priority. Using round or square section tube, the vertical bar railings are flat topped as standard, but can be mitred for an attractive effect. Both swing and sliding gates are available to match the railings and can be manufactured to the width you require.


Features and Benefits
  • Up to 2.4 mtr high
  • Square or round section tubes
  • Flat topped as standard (mitred top optional)
  • Ideal for residential and perimeter demarcation
  • Swing and sliding gates also available to match
  • Also available with ornate finials
Height Post Centres Tube Thickness Wall Thickness Post Section Horizontal Rail
0.5 mtr – 1.2 mtr 2.76 mtr 20mm 1.5mm 50mm x 50mm 50mm x 10mm
1.2 mtr – 1.5 mtr 2.76 mtr 25mm 1.5mm 70mm x 70mm 50mm x 10mm
1.6 mtr – 2.0 mtr 2.76 mtr 25mm 1.5mm 80mm x 80mm 50mm x 10mm