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Solid Vertical Bar Railings

Zaun offers a range of vertical bar systems that are designed to suit a variety of situations.

Vertical bar railings are a stylish and robust solution to both perimeter security and property demarcation.

Styles are available up to 2.4m for perimeter security and various finials can be added to further discourage climbing. Where railings are only required for demarcation purposes, there are a wide range of attractive options such as the Bushberry system and Holloway Railings. Ornate finials are available to further enhance the system. Both swing and sliding gates are available to match the railings and can be manufactured to the width you require.


Features and Benefits
  • Up to 2.0 mtr high
  • Different styles and finials are available upon request
  • Ideal for residential, industrial, civic and perimeter demarcation
  • Swing and sliding gates also available to match
  • Also available with ornate finials
Height Post Centres Vertical Bar Bar Centres Post Section Horizontal Rail
1.0 mtr – 1.2 mtr 2.52 mtr 12mm 101mm 50mm x 50mm 40mm x 10mm
1.2 mtr – 1.5 mtr 2.52 mtr 16mm 110mm 50mm x 50mm 40mm x 10mm
1.6 mtr – 2.0 mtr 2.76 mtr 20mm 120mm 80mm x 80mm 50mm x 10mm

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