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Automatic Rising Arm Barriers

The Automatic Rising Arm Barriers or boom gates as they are also known. Typically found at parking facilities, check points and entrances to restricted areas.

These heavy duty automatic rising arm barriers are designed as a method for controlling the passage of vehicles through a designated entrance or exit. The automatic barrier can also be installed as a traffic calming measure to prevent through traffic, whilst allowing authorised vehicles such as emergency services and buses to take advantage of the shorter more direct route.

Automatic rising arm barriers designed for continuous use and 100% duty cycle. Capable of supporting boom lengths of up to 10 metres and a full height swivel skirts, also available up to 7.5 metres. Rising arm barrier, hydraulically operated with typical operating speeds of 10-15 seconds, depending on the boom length, motor and also skirt.

Each barrier supplied with an end rest. The end rest also available in fixed or removable options.

Available with a wide range of access control systems. Barrier safety equipment also available including; Signs, vehicle detector loop system, safety photocells, audible alarms, flashing beacons, light curtains and also ultra sonic sensors.

Additional accessories for each barrier include; boom lights, maglock, stainless steel cabinet, signs and also traffic light systems.

Cabinet protected with a finish system comprising; de-greasing, shot blasting to clean metal, zinc rich powder prime and also polyester powder coat. The boom, manufactured from aluminium, Powder Coated, White with red bands. Although special colours also available.

What additional options are available for automatic rising arm barriers?

  • Barrier Signage – warning and information signs such as ‘STOP’ ‘NO EXIT’ and ‘NO ENTRY’
  • Pedestrian Warning Sign – Normally on the barrier cabinet. Warning pedestrians of the barrier
  • Fixed End Rest – An end rest for barriers with booms over 4 metres recommended
  • Pogo Stick End Rest – Pogo Stick End Rests attached to the end of the barrier boom
  • Maglock – For added security, installed on the fixed end rests
  • Boom Lights – LED lights installed on the barrier boom to highlight the barrier boom
  • Lower folding skirt – Lower folding skirts, installed beneath the barrier boom
  • Full Height Swivel Skirt – Skirts installed above and below the boom
  • Articulated Boom – Recommended for entrances/exits with limited height clearance
  • Traffic Light Signs System – Safety light signals and Car Park signs
  • Traffic Light System – Traffic Light systems, highly recommended
  • Vehicle Detector Loops – Vehicle detector loops installed beneath the road surface to detect vehicles
  • Safety Photocells – Safety Photocells produce beams of light which cross the road way to monitor vehicle and pedestrian movement
  • Barrier Safety Edge – Installed beneath a barrier boom


Features and Benefits
  • An exceptionally robust heavy-duty boom
  • Recommended for sites requiring a greater level of security and/or exposed sites where there is high wind conditions
  • Unlimited duty cycles
  • Secures large road widths
  • Additional security options also available
  • Can be manufactured to your choice of colours to suit the environment
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Boom Length:Up to 10.0m
Boom Skirt:Up to 9.0m
Full Height Skirt:Up to 7.5m
Options:Boom Lights / Maglights / Articulated Booms / Stainless Steel Cabinets / Signs / Traffic Light Systems / Skirts / Pogo Stick End Rests / Interfaced with Access Control Systems
Safety:Vehicle Detector Loops / Safety Photocell Beams / Light Curtain / Ultra-Sonic Sensors / Signage / Flashing Beacons / Audible Alarms / Safety Edge
Finish:Galvanised & Powder Coated to your choice of RAL Colour

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