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Automatic Rising Bollards

Zaun Automatic Rising Bollards, are high end bollards designed to employ a simple and effective electrical hydraulic mechanism. This ensures a smooth and efficient movement of the bollard. They are designed to allow proved automated vehicle access to your premises.

Zaun’s automatic rising bollards are designed to be a very secure automatic bollard system in preventing unauthorised access. They are often used in conjunction with our automatic barriers.

Automatic rising bollards are installed into the ground and brought level with the road surface. They are controlled by a small control panel with integrated safety features. A manual override facility ensures the automatic bollard has the ability to lower in the event of an emergency. Built for performance and extensively tested for over 3,000 manoeuvres a day, Zaun’s Automatic Rising Bollards are ideal for allowing certain access to certain zones around a compound that may have heavy vehicle traffic flow.

The bollard is controlled by a dedicated control unit, which is capable of controlling up to 4 bollards simultaneously. They also include a deceleration feature at the end of travel when opening and closing. They are typically available with a diameter of 215mm and a lift height of 600mm. Although other sizes are also available upon request.

For additional safety, the bollard also fitted with an obstacle detection sensor. This stops and lowers the bollard if detection of an obstacle. A crown of LED lights are mounted to the top of the cylinder with a built-in acoustic warning signal.

Zaun’s automatic bollards have the ability to link with any access control system or signalling device. This makes the operation seamless yet also secure. Automatic rising bollards act on command offering a different option from the fixed post or barriers used elsewhere. The ability to also control the bollard from a central control panel allows management of traffic coming onto premises.

The automatic bollard also has fully integrated hydraulic technology for heavy duty usage and  is 100% duty rated. They can easily be integrated with access control and safety equipment, traffic lights, photo cells and ground loops. Fixed bollard options are also available, see static bollards for more information.

Additional options for automatic rising bollards

Zaun automatic rising bollards are available with optional extras such as safety and warning signs, traffic light systems and vandal resistant light cages.

They have safety options such as vehicle detector loops, safety photocell beams, light curtain and ultra-sonic, sensors, signage, audible alarms and flashing beacons.


Features and Benefits
  • Heavy duty
  • Deterrent for security
  • Prevents unauthorised access
  • Controlled via access control options
  • Protect your property or premises from trespassers
  • Industrial hydraulic pump drive unit
  • Motor protection
  • Security lock on cabinet door
  • Instantly Reversible
  • Reinforced hoses for long service life
  • Long life hydraulic seals
  • 100% duty rating - the Automatic Bollard is designed for continuous and frequent use
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Lift Height:600mm (other lift heights available upon request)
Diameter:215mm (other diameters also available upon request)
Options:Signs / Traffic light systems / Vandal resistant light cages / Interfaced with any access control system
Safety:Vehicle detector loops . Safety photocell beams / Light curtain and ultra-sonic / sensors / Signage / Audible Alarms / Flashing Beacons
Electrical Supply:Single phase 230v

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