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Automatic Rising Kerbs & Blockers

Automatic Rising Kerbs or rising blockers as they are also known. A reliable and uncompromising solution, ideal for preventing unwanted vehicle access. These security road blockers provide higher levels of security with built in stopping power. Used extensively for premises such as cash centres, banks, government building, embassies, bullion depots, cargo parks, ports and lorry parks among others.

These rising kerbs provide a simple solution and additional security to sites where vandalism is a risk.

Available in width of between 2 metres and 5 metres and 2 different heights dependent upon the security threat levels. Available with lift heights of 353mm or 533mm.

The fully automatic rising kerb utilises the latest trusted hydraulic technology ensuring that due to the high quality components they have a long durable life requiring the minimum recommended maintenance. 100% duty rating and designed for continuous and frequent use. An instantly reversible industrial hydraulic pump drive unit with motor protection and switched fused supply supplied. The power required, supplied from a three phase 400V power supply as standard.

Manufactured from welded rectangular hollow section frame and a chequered top plate to complement the rising kerb system. This range of rising kerbs also feature an advanced hydraulic power pack to raise and lower the blocker smoothly.

The Road Blocker interfaceable with almost any access control system required. A traffic light system with industrial bulbs and failure sensor also included as standard. Our recommendation, the Road Blocker’s hydraulic control cabinet installed within 10 metres of the blocker. The security cabinet supplied also includes a security lock on cabinet door

Additional options for rising kerbs

Available with optional extras such as LED lights, warning signs, battery back up and warning sirens.

Access control option such as keypads, proximity cards, photo cells, voice and intercom access, token acceptors, remote control fobs, key switches and loop detectors are all available as security additions.


Features and Benefits
  • Heavy duty
  • Deterrent for security
  • Prevents unauthorised access
  • Controlled via access control options
  • Protect your property or premises from trespassers
  • Industrial hydraulic pump drive unit
  • Motor protection
  • Security lock on cabinet door
  • Instantly Reversible
  • Override Switch
  • Reinforced hoses for long service life
  • Long life hydraulic seals
  • 100% duty rating
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Lift Height:353mm or 533mm
Width:Up to 5 metres
Options:Stainless steel cabinet / Signs / Traffic light systems / Vandal resistant light cages / Interfaced with any access control system
Safety:Vehicle detector loops . Safety photocell beams / Light curtain and ultra-sonic / sensors / Signage / Audible Alarms / Flashing Beacons
Electrical Supply:10A, 5 Wire, 400V, 50Hz 3 Phase and Neutral (Single phase also possible)

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