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Height Restrictor Barriers

The Height Restrictor Barriers, simple barriers designed specifically to allow access to site for cars and light vehicles. But they control the entry of higher vehicles by means of a height adjustable nudge bar. This bar then warns vehicles wishing to gain access that the vehicle may be to high.

When entry, required by higher vehicles, the boom on the height restriction barrier, unlocks and pushes through 180 degrees. Then they are padlocked to the latch post which will secure the boom into the open position.

These height restriction barriers feature two latch posts what secure the boom into open or closed position. Each boom is manufactured from aluminium. Finished as standard with white and red stripes or yellow with black stripes (other colours are available upon request).

Each height restriction barrier is available with a range of optional accessories including warning signs, latch back posts (to secure boom in the opened position) and nudge bars.

The manual height restriction barrier combined with the manual swing barrier further restricts access to higher vehicles and all other vehicles at certain times of the day.


Features and Benefits
  • Easy to operate
  • Manual Swing Gate
  • Boom lengths up to 10 metres with or without skirt
  • Boom is aluminium, finished as standard white with red stripes or yellow with black stripes
  • Pedestal and fixed end rests are shot-blasted to clean metal, hot zinc sprayed
  • Accessories Optional including Warning signs and lower folding skirts
  • Special colours also available
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Boom LengthUp to 9m
OptionsLatch back post (to secure boom in the open position) / Nudge Bar / Warning Signs / Lower Folding Skirt / Special Colours

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