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05. ArmaWeave Gates

Zaun’s range of ArmaWeave high-security gates is designed to allow the safe passage of pedestrians or vehicles easily and simply through the fence line. Each gate is manufactured with ArmaWeave CPNI rated mesh infills to match the fence line,

Mesh panels are clad to the attack side of a steel 100mm x 50mm RHS frame. All pedestrian gates are supplied as standard at 1.2m wide and vehicle gates are manufactured to 3.0m wide although other widths and leaf options are also available upon request.

All gates above 1.8m in height are supplied three safety points, either supplied with three hinges and/or supplied with gate arrestor cables. This means that if any of the hinge points fail, then the gate will not fail and cause harm to pedestrians and property. The gate is designed to in a way to prevent the leaf from being lifted away from the gate post, making it difficult to vandalise or damage. At Zaun, we believe that if a gate is big enough to present a real risk of crushing, then the failure of one component should not allow it to fall.

High-security gates are manufactured to comply with security standards, please specify the security standard (i.e. CPNI) required upon enquiry. Each security gate supplied with a slide latch locking mechanism as standard, but may also be designed with closers or your choice of lock, from a euro cylinder lock to electronic locks. Gates may also be manufactured to suit automation.

Each gate can also be supplied with a range of topping options to provide additional security. Zaun can also provide an additional mesh over panel to encase the gate within the fence line.

Available with a wide range of accessories for High-Security Gates

All of our High-Security gates are available with a wide variety of options. Including various closers such as Locinox Samson, Locinox Verticlose and others. A wide variety of security locks from suppliers, including PK Locks, Mico Tindall Locks, Locinox Locks, Signet Locks, Gatemaster and others.

Security Gate Mesh Samples Available

Samples of Zaun mesh are available upon request. To request your free sample, please click here. Each pedestrian gate supplied with your choice of Zaun manufactured mesh, vertical bar or solid sheet to suit and match the fence line.


Features and Benefits
  • Bespoke designed gates to suit all applications.
  • Designed to suit the width and height you require
  • Suitable for use with manual and electronic locks
  • Access control options can be applied
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Infill: ArmaWeave Note: Custom mesh and infills are also available upon request.
Heights: 2400mm to 5000mm Note: Other heights are available upon request to suit the fence height
Infill Fixing Method Mesh clad to the attack side of the frame
Frame Size 100mm x 50mm
Width: Single Leaf 1.0m to 2.0m / Double Leaf 3.0m to 6.0m
Hinges: Qty 2 / Qty 3 (depending on the size of the gate leaf)
Gate Arrestors: Supplied with ALL gates 1.8m high and above
Lock: Slide latch as standard (other locking mechanisms available upon request)
Accessories: Supplied with drop bolts (double leaf gates only) and rubber bump stop as standard. Additional, hinges, closers and access control also available upon request

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