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10. NOMS Approved Prison Gates

Prison Gates from Zaun, a range of high-security gates. Approved by the Ministry of Justice to meet the specifications supplied by the MoJ.

Each prison gate is supplied on round prison-style posts and clad with HiSec 358 mesh, HiSec DualSkin mesh or solid panels. Designed specifically to match the fence line, the prison gates blend seamlessly into the prison perimeter security.

Available with your choice of approved locking system, depending upon the security level required. Also available in either single leaf or double leaf options. Access control solutions can also be supplied along with the gate.

A wide range of approved toppings also available to provide additional perimeter security. An over panel is also available to encase the gate within the fence line.

Prison Fencing Available

A range of MOJ approved prison fencing also available from Zaun. Our range of HiSec Prison is specifically designed for use with Prisons, Mental Health Hospitals or other High-Security applications. The HiSec Prison fencing uses the popular ‘358’ welded mesh configuration to repel potential intruders. The fencing system attributes make it an excellent solution for high-security applications. This fact is reflected by its use by the UK Home Office and the Ministry of Justice for prison facilities in the UK. The close mesh of HiSec Prison fencing ensures that it is almost impossible to climb and very difficult to cut without power tools.


HiSec Prison gates are manufactured from pre-galvanised GalZal® steel wire according to BS EN 10244-2 class A Zn95AL5 standards with a typical thickness in wire diameter of 275g/m2 (on a 4mm wire). Fences coated in GalZal® do not require additional powder coating as protection.

Additional coating options are also available. If required, please contact [email protected] for details.

Prison Gates Mesh Samples Available

Samples of Zaun mesh are available upon request, to request your free sample please click here. Each pedestrian gate supplied with your choice of Zaun manufactured mesh, vertical bar or solid sheet to suit and match the fence line.


Features and Benefits
  • Approved by NOMs and the Ministry of Justice for use on HMP High-Security Estate & Mental Health Units
  • Supplied with prison specified locking systems
  • Available in single leaf or double leaf options
  • Blends seamlessly into the fence line
  • Provides excellent visibility
  • Available with your choice of mesh cladding or privacy screening
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Heights: Single Leaf - 2.0m / Double Leaf - 4.1m
Width: Single Leaf - 1.2m / Double Leaf - 4.0m
Infill: HiSec 358 clad on inside and outside (also available with privacy sheet) Note: Custom mesh and infills are also available upon request.
Frame & Posts: Prison Specification
Accessories: Approved locking system and drop bolts
Finish: GalZal® (Additional coating options available)

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