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Static Bollards

Zaun’s range of static bollards or also known as security bollards. Offer a level of security that are simple and easy to use. This static bollard range acts as a physical barrier to protect pedestrians and buildings from vehicles by providing clear traffic demarcation. And add visual security that does not affect the local environment.

Available in a range of finishes and colours including steel, stainless steel and ferrocast. A range of static bollards available in a variety of heights, thickness, foundation depths and also finishes and proved clear traffic demarcation and terror deterrent.

All of our bollards have been treated to be weather resistant. Also available supplied in a colour of your choosing.

Static Bollards also available in PAS 68

For HVM crash resistant PAS 68 bollards please see our Hostile Vehicle Mitigation range.



Features and Benefits
  • Heavy duty
  • Deterrent for security
  • Restricts unauthorised access
  • Protect your property or premises from trespassers
  • Permanent and removable options
  • Aesthetically pleasing and does not affect the local environment
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Top: Flat
Diameter: 90mm / 114mm / 168mm
Height: 900mm / 1m above ground
Root depth: 300mm / 500mm / 2.5m
Certifications and Approvals