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Automatic Trackless Bi-Folding Speed Gates

Zaun’s trackless bi-folding speed gates are the ideal solution for where the speed is essential. Or where space is at a premium.

Bi-Folding speed gates designed with high security in mind. Gates manufactured with a post with a bi-folding leaf attached. The gates have a hinge between the leafs which further assists in very fast operation speeds.

Unlike other bi-folding speed gates, this does not require a track either in the ground or overhead to fold the leaf. This gate uses a unique folding system. Trackless bi-folding speed gate leaf sections with fully welded assemblies. The leaf frames are constructed of CHS and RHS sections.

Featuring an integrated control panel and encoder which allows for a fast and smooth direct drive action. Designed to typically open at more than twice the speed of traditional swing gates of the same size. This ensures a fast throughput of traffic whilst maintaining the security of the site.

Available with your choice of in-fill either with vertical bars and/or other welded mesh to suit the fence line. All available in almost any RAL colour to suit the local environment.

Typically a bi-folding speed gate system consists of either a single unit of one post, one bi-folding leaf. Spanning up to 3.5 metres. On wider openings typically up to 7 metres span a pair of opposite handed units (a bi-parting pair) need to be used. In the centre of the roadway a receptor plate is required to receive the leading edge rollers when the gate reaches the fully closed position.

The operation of the torque drive motor, controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based unit located within the associated control cabinet.

Safety of Trackless Bi-Folding Speed Gates

The bi-folding method of gate operation requires considerably less power to operate than conventional swing gates and also has less wind effect, combined with the unique motor drive results in a relatively lower powered and thus safer drive.

All bi folding speed gate systems come complete with a through photo beam system between posts. Additional photo beams can be added for extra protection. The leading edges of the leaves also fitted with electrical rubber safe edges which, if in contact with an obstruction will stop the operation of the gate.

All installations need to also include vehicle detection loop systems. Traffic signals also recommended to control traffic and reduce tailgating problems.

Mesh Samples Available for Bi-Folding Speed Gates

Samples of Zaun mesh are available upon request, to request your free sample please click here. Each pedestrian gate supplied with your choice of Zaun manufactured mesh, vertical bar or solid sheet to suit and match the fence line.


Features and Benefits
  • Features a completely level top rail
  • No gaps above the speed gate when installing into an existing structural aperture
  • Decorative toppings to be used, ie, finials, spikes etc to create a more period look to this automated gate when installing to older style buildings
  • Security toppings can be easily added, ie, barbed wire, razor wire, power fence etc for high security sites
  • Single bi-folding leaf up to 5m
  • Double bi-folding leaf - up to 10m effective width
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
  • Open/close cycle time 5 seconds
  • All Trackless Bi Folding Speed Gates are 100% duty rated
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Heights: 2.4m to 6.0m Note: Other heights are available upon request to suit the fence height
Width: up to 10.0m
Infill: ArmaWeave / Axiom / Bow Top / DualGuard / Duo / Grata / Gemini / HiSec / HiSec Super / HiSec DualSkin / Optima / Vertical Bar Note: Custom mesh, and infills are also available upon request.
Options: Traffic Light System / High Security Cabinet / Interfaced to any Access Control System
Safety: Vehicle Detector Loops / Safety Photocell Beams / Flashing Beacons / Audible Alarms / Safety Edge
Finish: Galvanised & Powder Coated to your choice of RAL Colour

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