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08. HiSec DualSkin

Zaun’s double skin 358 security fencing system, HiSec DualSkin. Specifically designed and developed for applications and sites that require a more robust solution than standard 358 mesh.

The HiSec DualSkin features two layers of the traditional HiSec 358 welded mesh with 76.2mm x 12.7mm wire centres.

These double skin 358 security fencing panels are welded together, as standard (bolted option also available) with the secondary panel turned 90 degrees. This makes a very tight 12.7mm x 12.7mm mesh configuration, which is difficult to cut, scale and climb.

The small apertures of the mesh section is also small enough to ensure effectiveness against objects such as weapons or contraband being passed through.

The double skin 358 mesh also conforms to BS1722 Part 14 Category 4 and has been extensively used in prisons and by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) to protect high security assets. The tight pattern of the double skin 358 mesh makes it almost impossible to pass objects or contraband through the fence into restricted areas.


HiSec DualSkin 358 mesh fencing is manufactured from pre-galvanised GalZal® steel wire in accordance to BS EN 10244-2 class A Zn95AL5 standards with a typical thickness in wire diameter of 275g/m2 (on a 4mm wire). Fences coated in GalZal® do not require additional powder coating as protection.

Additional coating options are also available, if required, please contact [email protected] for details.

Posts & Fixings

The HiSec double skin 358 perimeter security fencing system features a post and clamp bar configuration, providing a simple and easy method of installation. Supplied with through bolts, washers and nuts and installed using either power or hand tools.

Sloping Ground

Panels can be stepped as required on the post. On steeper gradients it is recommended that taller panels are either part-buried or additional posts are used.


Posts are available in different lengths to accommodate panel heights and ground conditions. Additional variations are also available:

Double Skinned Gates

Pedestrian gates are single leaf 1.2m wide, (or width to suit). Framed in a 100mm x 50mm RHS with Zaun HiSec DualSkin mesh bolted onto the frame, with a slide latch. Each gate also features a rubber bump stop and 2 x suitable gate posts.

Vehicle access gates are double leaf (single leaf vehicle gates available) 3.0m wide (or width to suit). Framed in 100mm x 50mm RHS, with Zaun HiSec DualSkin mesh bolted onto the frame, with drop bolts and slide latch. Each vehicle Gate also features a rubber bump stop and 2 x suitable gate posts.

Double Skin 358 Mesh Fencing Samples Available

Samples of Zaun HiSec DualSkin are available upon request, to request your free sample please click here.


Features and Benefits
  • Vandal resistant with robust wire and weld joints make cutting very difficult using conventional bolt or wire cutters
  • Anti-climb 358 double layer mesh with no toe or finger holds due to small mesh apertures
  • Ideal for high security applications
  • Conforms to BS1722: Part 14
  • 2 x layers of HiSec 358 welded mesh providing double the protection of standard HiSec 358
  • High security mesh fencing exceeds UK prison specifications
  • Can be stepped to accommodate sloping ground
  • Matching swing and sliding gates available for pedestrian and vehicular access
  • Secure and discreet with an open mesh pattern providing good visibility for use with CCTV cameras
Download To download our HiSec DualSkin 358 datasheet please click on the link below; To download our Q40 specification sheet please click on the link below; To download our standard colour list please click on the link below; To download our brochures please click on the link below;
Height 2997, 4204, 5207mm (additional heights are available upon request)
Panel Width 2515mm
Mesh Size 12.7 x 12.7mm (two layers of 76.2 x 12.7mm mesh, turned 90 degrees) Note - double skin only available up to 2.5m maximum.
Wire Diameter 4mm Verticals x 4mm Horizontals
Top Edge Projection Minimal Projections
Post Size 120mm x 60mm / 100mm x 100mm (dependant on height)
Clamp Bar Size 40 x 5mm
Post Centres 2440mm
Fixing Centres Max. 152.4mm
Fixings Through Bolts with Nuts & Washers

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