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12. ArmaSade Retrofit Palisade

ArmaSade is a retrofit palisade fencing solution, designed using existing palisade framework and posts and replacing the pales with Zaun’s unique high security woven mesh ArmaWeave. This innovative high-security upgrade to steel Palisade fencing has been designed, developed and manufactured in our own factory in Wolverhampton using an ingenious fastening system which allows installers to fix ArmaWeave high-security mesh fencing panels to the existing posts, without any civils required.

Palisade posts installed to British Standard 1722 are sufficient to support the upgraded ArmaWeave panels as the wind loading is almost identical. In addition, each fixing uses the existing bolt holes in the horizontal rails, so all that is needed is to drill six holes in the posts to secure vertical clamping members.

The vertical members can be extended to allow for a wide range of toppings, including concertina razor wire and electric fencing. As ArmaWeave is self-raking, it mimics the functionality of the Palisade, and the panels can be manufactured to match the height of the existing Palisade fencing.

ArmaSade retrofit palisade is also eco-friendly and highly cost-effective. It requires minimal groundwork, no spoilage and no plant to dig holes due to the utilisation of the existing posts and concrete foundations, making installation quicker and easier.

This retrofit palisade solution can also be installed bay by bay, ensuring the site is safe and secure during the installation.

ArmaSade retrofit Palisade is ideal for sensitive sites in the rail, utilities, nuclear, data centre and industrial sectors and where costs and access are restricted. The removal of the palisade pales, and replacement of ArmaWeave provide the site with a highly secure fenceline with superior visibility for CCTV and intrusion detection.

Posts & Fixings

The ArmaSade perimeter security fencing system features a post and clamp bar configuration, providing a simple and easy installation method. Supplied with bolts, nuts and washers and installed using either power or hand tools.

Samples Available

Samples of Zaun ArmaWeave® are available upon request. To request your free sample, please click here.


Features and Benefits
  • Simple installation over pre-installed palisade systems
  • Provides a cost and time effective alternative to replacing an entire palisade system
  • Increased security to palisade fencing
  • No groundwork required
  • No additional concrete required
  • Installed bay by bay, leaving the site secure during instalation
  • Fast installation time, only works required on site are the drilling of the posts and cutting down bays where necessary.
  • Superior security to existing palisade pales, creating a virtually impenetrable fenceline
  • No structural engineers required due to matching wind loadings
  • Ability to rake to match the existing gradient on site, just like Palisade
Download To download our ArmaWeave® Woven Mesh datasheet, please click on the link below; To download our brochures, please click on the link below;
Height 1800, 2000, 2400, 3000mm (Note: Additional heights available upon request)
Panel Width 2700mm
Mesh Size 17 x 17mm
Wire Diameter 4mm Verticals x 4mm Horizontals
Top Edge Projection Minimal Projections
Post Type Palisade
Clamp Bar Size 40 x 5mm
Post Centres 2750mm
Fixing Centres Max. 152.4mm
Fixings Bolts, Nuts & Washers
Panel Weight 12Kg per Sqm

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