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Barbed Wire Toppings

Zaun’s range of high security and perimeter fencing systems can be designed to incorporate barbed wire toppings on the top of the fence to enhance the perimeter’s security further. Barbed wire provides additional physical security to the fence line and is also a psychological and visual deterrent for any potential thieves, trespassers, or vandals.

Due to Zaun’s in-house manufacturing capabilities, we can provide several options to the top of the fence post to install barbed wire. This could be with Y brackets, cranked brackets or straight brackets, providing bespoke options, depending on the site requirements. Straining posts are required to a maximum of every 100m and for any change in direction.

Barbed wire toppings are typically used to top fencing required to protect critical national importance, borders, utility sites, and other key assets and is typically seen as a cost-effective solution to enhance the perimeter’s security further.

Manufactured using galvanised steel as standard (stainless steel is also available upon request), it acts as a highly durable line of defence, suitable for some of the harshest weather conditions. Supplied in rolls of roughly 200m.

Barbed Wire Toppings Legislation

Warning signs must be installed along the fence line as part of the Occupier’s Liability Act of 1984 and Highways Act 1980, warning the general public of the dangerous barbed wire above. These 250mm x 90mm signs can be supplied by Zaun, in addition to the fencing and barbed wire. These are NOT sold separately.


It is recommended that when handling barbed wire, gauntlet gloves are worn to protect the installer from the sharp edges of the wire.

Maintenance of Barbed Wire Toppings

Minimal maintenance is required once installed; barbed wire usually stays effective for as long as needed. However, for optimum security, a regular check of the perimeter for any trapped debris, litter or bags within the wires is required to ensure the wire maintains its effectiveness. Any damaged wires can be quickly and easily repaired without removing the entire structure.



Features and Benefits
  • Galvanised barbed wire
  • Can be run in straight lines or concertina
  • Visual deterrent to any would be intruder
  • Fence or wall topping
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Strands 2
Gauge 1.7mm
Finish Galvanised (Stainless Steel also available)
Length Approx. 200mm
Bracketry Straight, Cranked or Y
Straining Posts Max. 100m & at every change of direction

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