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Electric Fencing Topping

1.2-metre Electric Perimeter Fencing topping systems provide security and protection to the perimeter of many of the country’s key infrastructure sites.

The construction of the electric fence topping system creates a mighty psychological and physical barrier to overcome.

The protector systems are also fully monitored double pole high, and true voltage electrified perimeter security systems. In addition, the detection barrier, fully monitored with the high voltage deterrent pulses switched on or off.

The electrified perimeter security system, fully evaluated and proven also to meet the demands of high-security installations. Each detection zone is available to address and individually arm with high voltage deterrent pulses or fully monitored in low voltage mode.

The electric perimeter fencing topping, also available to be installed as a standalone system or controlled and monitored on their own secure bus network or easily interfaced with a third party security alarm monitoring system. The systems are zoned following the site operational requirements or CCTV zone specification requirements for remote monitoring and alarm verification.

The special construction of the electric fence protector barrier for high-security applications enables 50mm spacings between the HT wire grid. Combined with additional components to make it extremely difficult to penetrate, climb or negate the high-security barrier.

The electric perimeter also fence provides a high level of protection and security vandal prone perimeters. Offering high impact resistance where boundary protection is of paramount importance. Electric fences deter trespassers and intruders. Specially designed for high-security applications, including MOD establishments, commercial businesses, international Airports, industrial sites etc.

Protecting your Property with Electric Perimeter Fencing

Electric fencing, also designed to address the problem of extreme vandalism and unauthorised access. The electric fences, combined with sophisticated electronics, resulting in short, sharp, strong-pulsed electric shocks.

Electric Fences will give would-be trespassers a shock

Electric fences effectively discourage any attempt to trespass. As well as preventing access, the electric fence can also detect attempted access, setting off alarms and notifying the police. Added onto other Zaun security fencing products, electric fencing can provide a high level of perimeter security.


Features and Benefits
  • Fence or wall topping
  • Complements our existing range of perimeter fencing solutions
  • Provides reliable perimeter protection
  • Not affected by vibration or adverse weather conditions
  • Easily interfaced with other security systems
  • Visual deterrent to any would-be intruder
  • Enable you to upgrade security without the need of installing a whole new fence
  • Ensures intruders and potential vandals cannot climb over the wall or fence
  • Easily interfaced with other security products such as CCTV, PIDs and other integrated solutions
  • Also available in full height electric fence
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Standards: All National & International standards including; IEC 60335, BS-EN60335 & BS1722 part 17
Zones: Two double pole zones, each high and low voltage monitoring. High voltage zones with independent 2.5-joule energisers
Pulses: HV pulses up to 10kv (8.5kv typical) every 1.2s
Monitoring: Independent low voltage monitoring of each zone
Programming Options: Selectable pulse count (for HV and LV together) 1-15 pulses / selectable alarm threshold 2/3/4/5kv / Less than 10w power consumption per dual-zone controller

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