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Ball Stop Netting

Zaun’s Ball Stop Netting is on of our most popular types of sports netting. A very versatile netting solution that can be used to stop footballs, cricket balls, tennis balls and others. Ideally used behind the goal area, or where fences are likely to be hit repeatedly by the ball, these nets complement our range of rigid mesh sports fencing solutions, a ball stop net can be used as a cost effective and economical way of increasing the height of the fence, where balls may be hit over and lost, thus increasing ball retention.

Available in a variety of different net mesh sizes depending on the sport, mesh sizes of 100mm to 200mm is ideal for football ball stop nets and smaller mesh sizes of 20mm and 30mm are ideal for cricket and hockey. Zaun’s sports netting is ideal in applications where either budget is an issue or to quickly and easily expand the height of a fence to reduce the loss of balls and increase playability.

Ball stop netting is lightweight and easy to work with and install. Additional straining posts specifically designed for ball stop nets are also available along with tensioning locks to ensure the netting isnt too loose.

Ball stop nets can be easily installed above or behind our range of specialist sports fencing, which includes; super rebound fencing, duo sports fencing, hockey fencing and tennis fencing.


Features and Benefits
  • Increase ball retention
  • Various heights
  • Posts are 2.5 metre to 10 metre centres
  • Supplied with strainers
  • Various size of net apertures depending upon the sports
  • Polypropylene material

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