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Target Games

Zaun provide a range of target games that are also available for sports pitches, courts and MUGAs which enables players to play multiple games on the same pitch and also practice their skills in a fun way.

Our target games are available for football or cricket as standard, but other target can also be made available upon request and customised design targets may also be produced.

Manufactured and designed specifically for repeated striking of balls and easy to install.

Installed directly to the fence, these sports targets increase the number of activities that may take place and optimises the usage of the pitch, court or MUGA. Ideally used with our range of sports fencing including; Duo Sports, Super Rebound, Spectator, Tennis and Hockey.


Features and Benefits
  • Improve shooting or bowling accuracy
  • Increase the number of games played in the playground or sports area
  • Fun playful designs
  • Bespoke games
  • Games kids can create on their own

Please contact our sales team on [email protected] or +44 (0)1902 796 699 for a full specification.

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