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Recessed MUGA Goal End with Over-Panel

Zaun’s recessed goal with over-panel is a long-lasting goal unit that is integrated into the fence line and ideal for use as a MUGA goal end solution. A fully functioning goal mouth with a crossbar allows football to be played at a competitive level. The goals can be manufactured to suit your requirements; wider and higher for urban Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs), smaller for junior schools. The recessed goal unit is available with or without a basketball unit, which can be placed on the fence line or can be placed on the fence line or can be mounted on a steel arm. This allows for a more professional game to take place as there is more space under the hoop.


Features and Benefits
  • Create a permanent goal in the fence
  • No stealing of goal or basketball unit
  • Create various goal widths
  • A wide range of colours
  • Various goal heights
  • Optional basketball unit

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