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The patented MultiFence temporary security fencing system is a mobile, durable solution for sites that require temporary to long-term protection.

A temporary security fencing solution that can be supplied with HiSec, HiSec Super 6 or ArmaWeave panels. PAS 68 enhancements can also be incorporated (see MultiFence PAS 68 for more details).

The fence posts are mounted to concrete blocks, which saves a considerable space over using separate road blocks and temporary security fencing. MultiFence can to follow a curve or go from a flat surface to an incline with ease due to an ingenious bolting method.

Post clamps are mounted in receiving fixings that are actually cast into the concrete block, hence resulting in an incredibly robust fence line.

MultiFence can also combine two different fencing types with two different BS EN 1317 Part 2 vehicle restraint system blocks. Approved for use by the Highways Agency, depending on the site requirements.

Flexible added features also enable specifiers to incorporate CCTV, PIDs, fence topping enhancements, vehicle gates and pedestrian access points. The need for any below ground foundations can be eliminated due to the innovative foundation blocks.

MultiFence is the perfect temporary security fencing solution for use around temporary events to secure high profile areas. MultiFence can also be used to secure construction sites or other permanent and temporary sites to protect them from unauthorised access.

ACPO has approved and accredited MultiFence as a Secured by Design product and is available to rent or buy.

Matching Temporary Security Fencing Gates

Pedestrian gates are single leaf 1.2m wide, (or width to suit). Framed in a 50mm x 50mm RHS with matching mesh bolted onto the frame, with slide latch. Each gate features a rubber bump stop and 2 x suitable gate posts.

Vehicle access gates are double leaf (single leaf vehicle gates available) 3.0m wide (or width to suit). Framed in 50mm x 50mm RHS, with matching mesh bolted onto the frame, with drop bolts and slide latch. Each vehicle Gate features a rubber bump stop and 2 x suitable gate posts.

Mesh Samples Available

Samples of Zaun Mesh are available upon request, to request your free sample please click here.



Features and Benefits
  • Secured By Design approved
  • Allows for changes in direction and ground standings using a unique post configuration
  • PAS 68 enhancements available
  • Can be fully integrated with PIDs, CCTV and topping enhancements
  • No ground pinning or foundations required
  • Provides protection against external threats to any temporary or permanent sites
  • Welded mesh conforms to BS1722: Part 14
  • Can be supplied in a wide range of RAL colours
  • Available for rental or purchase
  • Patent No: 001807926-0001
Download To download our MultiFence datasheets please click on the link below; To download our Q40 specification sheet please click on the link below; To download our standard colour list please click on the link below; To download our brochures please click on the link below;  
Height Post Centres Vertical Wire Horizontal Wire Mesh Pattern Post Section
1.8 mtr – 5.2 mtr 1.50 mtr 4mm 4mm HiSec 358 60mm x 60mm
1.8 mtr – 5.2 mtr 1.50 mtr 6mm 4mm HiSec Super 6 60mm x 60mm
1.8 mtr – 5.2 mtr 1.50 mtr 4mm 4mm 76.2mm x 25.4mm 60mm x 60mm
1.8 mtr – 5.2 mtr 1.50 mtr 4mm 4mm ArmaWeave 60mm x 60mm
1.8 mtr – 5.2 mtr 1.50 mtr 5mm 5mm 17.0mm x 51.0mm 60mm x 60mm
Concrete Block Specification Height Width Length Weight
TVCB Block 0.8 mtr 0.45 mtr 3.0 mtr 2.5 Tonnes

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