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RDS Lite

RDS Lite, a temporary fence system first developed by Zaun to use at the UK Political Party Conferences, first deployed in Birmingham in 2014.

This temporary fence system is a light weight counterpart of our multi-award winning temporary security fence solution RDS and RDS PAS 68.

RDS Lite is specifically designed to be rapidly deployed and does not require a Moffett or Hiab to manoeuvre the blocks into place unlike its high security version RDS. Using recycled plastic blocks in a clever configuration to anchor the fence posts replacing the standard 750kg concrete blocks.

A range of mesh options including ArmaWeave, HiSec Super 6 or Duo6 / Duo8, depending on the level of security required can be supplied with RDS Lite, but is typically supplied with HiSec 358.

This lightweight temporary fence solution is therefore ideal for use around temporary events, construction sites or other temporary locations. Simple and easy to erect for users and considered a higher security version to standard site temporary fences.

Customers can use this economical temporary fence solution time after time to protect your temporary site.

This system can also be bought or to rented and supplied with temporary gates to match. Site owners can decide where to have access points at any point of the perimeter.

Temporary Fence Matching Security Gates

Pedestrian gates are single leaf 1.2m wide, (or width to suit). Framed in a 100mm x 50mm RHS with Zaun HiSec (or other mesh to match) bolted onto the frame. Each gate features a slide latch, rubber bump stop and 2 x suitable gate posts.

Vehicle access gates are double leaf (single leaf vehicle gates available) 3.0m wide (or width to suit). Framed in 100mm x 50mm RHS, with Zaun HiSec (or other mesh to match) bolted onto the frame. Each vehicle Gate features drop bolts, slide latch, rubber bump stop and 2 x suitable gate posts.


Features and Benefits
  • Negates the need for using a Moffet or Hiab to maneuver the blocks into place
  • Rapidly deployable lightweight blocks that can be hand carried and placed in location
  • A more secure temporary security fence than standard hoarding
  • Visually appealing and does not impact the local environment
  • High visibility making the solution ideal for use with CCTV camera systems
  • Provides protection against external threats to any temporary site
  • Ideal in locations where space is an issue or fencing is difficult to deploy
  • Available to rent or to buy
  • Can be supplied with your choice of mesh but supplied with HiSec 358 as standard
  • Conforms to BS1722: Part 14
  • For a more secure version please see RDS or RDS PAS68
Download To download our RDS Lite datasheet please click on the link below; To download our Q40 specification sheet please click on the link below; To download our standard colour list please click on the link below; To download our brochures please click on the link below;
Height Post Centres Vertical Wire Horizontal Wire Mesh Pattern Post Section
1.80 mtr - 2.40 mtr 2.750 mtr 4mm 4mm 76.2mm x 12.7mm 70mm x 70mm

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