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Sports courts for Forces bases

Sports courts for Forces bases

29th June 2015

The Ministry of Defence has turned to ETC Sports Surfaces, Pitch & Track and long term sports fencing partner Zaun to help keep the Armed Forces in shape.

The trio are supplying ball courts, tennis courts and Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGA) at three military bases around the country.

ETC is installing ball courts at MoD bases in Plymouth and Portsmouth, while RAF Alconbury near Huntingdon is getting a MUGA and tennis courts.

The tennis courts for the RAF will be some of the first in the country to employ Zaun’s enhanced tennis mesh.

Zaun is the only UK manufacturer of bespoke tennis mesh – and has upgraded its machining capability to drastically reduce manufacturing timescales and lead times.

Zaun’s Advantage Tennis mesh eliminates many of the downsides of traditional tennis chain link fencing, which deforms over time and is easy to cut, disfigure and vandalise.

By contrast, Zaun’s mesh can withstand heavy use while allowing easy viewing of the on-court action. It uses a 200mm x 40mm twin wire mesh, that is small enough to prevent tennis balls passing through thus improving gameplay and ball retention.