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Delivering Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Delivering excellent corrosion resistance When dealing with galvanised wire products we often come across names like; Bezinal(1), Crapal(2), Galfan(3), Galzal(4) Zinc-Al and others. But what do these names mean and how are they different from regular hot dipped galvanised wire? Why or when do you need it? In short, they are all essentially the same

How to ensure your data centre is secure

When most businesses think about a secure data centre, they immediately think of firewalls, encryption, and other cybersecurity measures. But physical security is just as important for data centres. All the cybersecurity in the world won’t help you if the building housing your data servers isn’t secured. Below are some critical physical security measures that

What is the BS1722 Part 9?

The BS 1722 Part 9 is a specification standard for mild steel or low carbon steel fences with square or round verticals and flat horizontals such as railings. This specific standard is part of the BS 1722 series. It details the requirements for self-adjusting or welded mild steel fences with a rolled hollow section or

What is ISO 9001 certification?

At Zaun, we have recently passed the ISO 9001 audit with flying colours. Achieving an ISO 9001 certification is something to celebrate, not only is it a form of quality control but it can also lead to better products and services, more efficient processes, and happier customers. But what is ISO 9001 and what will

MUGA enhancements to improve your MUGA

To help improve functionality and visual aspects of your Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) court/pitch, Zaun offer a number of MUGA enhancements and below are the top four you need to improve yours. 1. Netting Zaun offer three types of netting to help make the most of your MUGA. These are Ball Stop Netting, Divider Netting

Waterworks site security: Why is it needed and how is it done?

There are key pieces of national infrastructure around the country which keep it running. Waterworks sites are certainly one and they help to purify dirty water before pumping out clean water to where it is needed. As a result, this is a site which definitely needs the right kind of security in place. But why

What is marine coating and when should it be used?

Marine coating is a non-specific term generally used to describe a powder coating system that is considered suitable for fencing installed in coastal areas or areas subjected to high levels of industrial pollution with high humidity and aggressive atmospheres. The name alone has no specific technical definition so buyers/specifiers need to be careful that they

How to choose the right wire mesh panels

Wire mesh panel fencing is becoming increasingly popular as a versatile and secure choice for schools and businesses. It’s quick to install and can work well in a range of settings, but it’s also important to understand that there are a few types of wire mesh panels around and choosing the right type for your

Business security review – Which areas should you focus on?

Taking time to plan out your strategies around marketing, finance and growth is crucial for any company as we move further into 2021. One other thing you should do is review your business security arrangements. This will allow you to detect any vulnerabilities or to make sure the security measures you have in place are

What are the benefits of Zaun LPS1175 B3 (SR2) Fencing?

Sensitive and high-profile facilities that require premium levels of perimeter protection may look to LPS1175 B3 (SR2) fencing as part of a layered approach to on-site security. This type of fencing is typically developed in close consultation with security experts, to provide a solution that can stand up to the exacting needs of high-risk sites


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