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What to look for when choosing security fencing

When it comes to securing your grounds or premises, security fencing is one of the most secure options available and is also one of the most versatile options on the market. It doesn’t matter if you need to secure or protect a factory, data centre, playground, school or sports fields, perimeter fencing will do an

Fencing for Leisure and Recreation

Without the benefit of cinemas, pubs, or theatres during the pandemic, many have sought their recreation and entertainment in outdoor spaces. Whether in outdoor sports facilities, events spaces, or public parks, we’ve been spending a lot more time outdoors and it’s a trend that’s likely to continue. This might mean it’s time to rejuvenate our

What should you look for in fencing for Hockey Games?

Hockey is a popular sport around the world and certainly within the UK. Fast-paced and full of action, it is played in many schools, colleges and universities across the land. In addition, many councils will also have public hockey pitches for people to use and private sports clubs will run hockey teams too. One key

When is it time to replace your football fencing?

It is now the time of year when football is back in full swing. This is not only down to the start of the world’s top pro leagues (such as the English Premier League) but also because schools and colleges are open for the new academic year. Of course, there are also community football pitches

3 ways railings can provide a safe and secure play area

Sturdy and reliable playground fencing will not only look good but provide children with a safe and secure playground that will considerably reduce the risks of them coming to harm. This article will look at ways in which security gates and fencing can be used to provide a safer play area. Safe and secure play

3 locations where a bike locker is a must

We are all becoming more concerned with our health than ever before. This has seen many people choose to hop on their bikes in order to get fit and get around. One key thing to help make this easier is having tough, secure bike lockers to store bicycles in. Most locations could benefit from this

What should you look for in football fencing?

Football is still the nation’s favourite game. The new Premier League season has now started, football fever is likely to grow even more in the coming weeks. It is not just watching this sport that is popular though. From schools to colleges and leisure centre leagues, playing football is also something many people love to

How can broken or damaged security fencing affect your business?

One of the key things for any business is to secure their grounds, property and buildings. This will not only help protect you from thefts but also from damage to windows, doorways or your outdoor spaces. Of course, one of the most popular ways to achieve this is installing effective perimeter fencing. Security fencing like

Industries that can benefit from perimeter fencing

Many industries have worries about security and safety and wish to keep their sites protected and private. Perimeter fencing can be a great way to protect your land, preventing intruders and keeping those inside safe. Read on to learn about which industries can benefit from perimeter fencing. Agriculture Compound Fencing Farmers across the country are

The importance of security fences for data centres

If you own or manage a data centre, you will most likely dedicate a large percentage of your time to ensuring your data centre is secure from online threats. It is essential, however, that you consider the physical security of your data centre just as much as its online security. In this blog post, we


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