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These are some testimonials that have been sent in by our customers. If you have a story to tell about our products please let us know by contacting [email protected].

Zaun’s DBS acoustic panels really are extreme innovation to better meet bespoke specifier needs while reducing whole life costs and cutting the overall impact on the environment.

Chobham Academy Project Manager

Super Rebound is the best football pitch fencing on the market. Zaun managed the installation to ensure minimal disruption on-site and a quality finish all in good time for the Royal opening. 

St George’s Park Facilities Manager
Zaun individually tailored the installation to meet the specific security threat and vulnerability to attack at the shooting venue and ensure the level of security was as high as at the main Olympic Park. 
Olympic Delivery Authority

Zaun did an outstanding job on the NSS. Your employees made every effort to meet all kinds of wishes, demands and requirements. This resulted in an effective and outstanding product. Many thanks for this. 

Hague Police Chief Superintendent

The security investment has proven itself to be more than worthwhile. We planned based on previous G8s. I wouldn’t do anything differently if we started again. 

PSNI Chief Constable

We were delighted with the end solution. The complete package of protection from stone chips thrown up by vehicles, superb noise reduction and an attractive and robust solution simply wasn’t available anywhere else. 

Fresh Wharf Estate Manager

It’s a superb system installed and tested to a strict programme by a more than competent workforce. Everyone at Zaun has been well turned out, efficient and an absolute joy to work with. 

Ground Committee President
The twin layers of perforated panels create intriguing swirling patterns to the eye, serving as a fitting tribute to the pioneering work of John Wallis, a famous Ashford-born mathematician.
Ashford Mayor Councillor

It was vital that the LOMC left nothing to chance when it came to security. The press would have milked any lapse and created a media furore that could have caused untold damage to Britain’s reputation. 

Olympic Delivery Authority

I’m delighted at the transformation of the old pavilion into a striking modern building. It’s particularly pleasing the local community is so involved both in its design and its future running.

Trumpington Councillor

RDS is a big leap forward in securing events cost effectively, given the reduced numbers
of guard force needed and the improved security against unauthorised access by pedestrians and vehicles. 

Greater Manchester Inspector

Nothing is ever too difficult or too much of a problem for Zaun as they always come up with
a solution, over and above just providing the services asked for. It makes all the difference.

Thames Water Operational Security Specialist