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Zaun joins premier architects’ product selector

Zaun joins premier architects’ product selector

06th October 2015

Zaun has taken a listing in the Royal Institute of British Architects’ (RIBA) building products library for construction industry professionals.

And to coincide with that, Zaun has introduced a specifier zone on its own website that allows architects and other specifiers to download drawings, datasheets and Q40 specifications.

The RIBA Product Selector is a publication of construction product manufacturers and advisory organisations used by architects and other construction industry professionals to specify building products.

It prides itself on being the essential resource for up to date building product information, including company details, product catalogues, technical pages and Agreement certificates.

The RIBA was established in 1834 for the general enhancement of civil architecture and for promoting and facilitating the acquirement of knowledge.

Today, it upholds the study and practice of architecture, improving the built environment and maintaining standards in architecture through its members and the wider community, and provides the training, support and recognition that enable architects to reach the top of their profession.