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Zaun launches French sports fencing system

Zaun launches French sports fencing system

02nd June 2015

Perimeter fencing manufacturer Zaun has launched a new sports fencing system that is proving popular in France.

Sportif sports fencingThe Sportif sports fence boasts a mesh configuration that is commonly found in sports MUGA and outdoor sport applications in France.

The mesh pattern on Sportif is wider at the top with 100mm x 200mm apertures against 50mm x 200mm at the bottom.

However each panel is customisable with the lower mesh configuration available to a height of your choosing, dependent on the application.  The more open mesh at the top allows for greater visibility for spectators, while still ensuring ball retention.

Each Sportif panel is fixed to the sports post using either full height clamp bars or ZaunFix fixings. Panels are available in 6mm or 8mm dual horizontal wires that sandwich single vertical wires, providing a rigid and strong fencing panel.