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Zaun’s revolutionary ArmaWeave range built to resist

Zaun’s revolutionary ArmaWeave range built to resist

17th April 2010

Fencing solutions specialist Zaun has launched its revolutionary ArmaWeave® range set to raise the bar in the UK’s high-security fencing market.

Zaun’s ArmaWeave® is a state-of-the-art high tensile woven mesh fencing range that the Home Office has rigorously tested for use in protecting Critical National Infrastructure.

Developed by Zaun’s expert design team and produced at its manufacturing facility in the West Midlands, the innovative woven pattern requires no welding to hold it together and is the first of its kind on the market and is only available from Zaun.

Alastair Henman, MD at Zaun, explains: “The ArmaWeave® range stands out from the rest as it has been specifically developed with a tightly woven mesh pattern to provide a solid solution, guaranteed to withstand heavy-duty damage. It is tailored towards applications that require the highest security measures, including areas of critical national infrastructure – e.g. utilities, data centres, airports and MoD sites.

“It is manufactured to make gaps between a steel as small as possible, providing no climbing aids for intruders and minimal room for blades and cutting tools to fit. It significantly improves delay times of attacks from cutting with hand, powered or non-contact tools that traditional welded mesh systems would not stand against. ArmaWeave® is a definitive solution that is in a league of its own in the high-security fencing market.”

Zaun’s ArmaWeave® range uses double high clarity fixings at posts, is available in heights from 2.4 metres to 5.2 metres and comes in various colours that can be tailored towards any application.

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