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Zaun Limited – High Quality Fences & Fencing Systems

Welcome to Zaun Limited. We are expert manufacturers and suppliers of high quality steel fencing, fence products and fencing systems. We offer a complete range solutions for perimeter fencing, high security fencing, sports equipment, gates, turnstiles and crash rated hostile vehicle mitigation productions (HVM). We specialise in mesh fencing systems – both welded and woven and manufacture these systems in our UK based manufacturing facilities, all our processes and systems are rigorously tested to the highest possible standards.


Our high quality, tailored systems are used by private, corporate and public sector organisations throughout the country and abroad. At Zaun we are extremely proud of our pedigree in supplying perimeter systems for some of the most renowned private companies, utilities and government bodies in the UK and beyond, from iron railings right through to high security fencing used on the perimeters of prisons, critical national infrastructure sites and major events. One of our major strengths is our engineering prowess which gives us the flexibility to tailor our products to any site, location or landscape so that the fencing we provide will perfectly match your needs and specifications.


Click here to see our range of LPCB approved systems.

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