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Fence Design

Zaun’s in-house design team creates a wide range of mesh fencing and railing solutions to suit various applications, from sports pitches and MUGAs to highly complicated high-security sites.

Designing fencing that will suit the environment in which it is situated can often provide a range of challenges, from planning issues, permits, legislation and other complicated issues found on site. Zaun has the capabilities and experience to design fencing that will solve almost any security problem on site.

CAD Design as Standard

There is rarely such thing as a simple fencing project – all of our orders begin with a thorough order review where we re-ascertain the customer’s needs on a project and create tailored CAD drawings to manufacture a fence specific to the project’s needs.

Generally, all of our posts, panels and gates are made to order, which means that special features and gate sizes can usually be accommodated. You can rest assured that our fencing will be designed to meet the requirements of BS 1722, the British Standard for fencing. We are cautious with high fencing, which is designed to meet the standards for wind loading and stresses on the posts.

Once drawn, our factory will manufacture the fence with quality in mind. All of our fabricators are highly skilled and experienced, and this shows through in the finish of our fabrications. Zaun’s panels are manufactured on computer-controlled machines that can change mesh patterns at the touch of a button. These machines manufacture an accurate panel every time and create panels that are exclusive to Zaun.

CAD Design
Research & Development

Research & Development

Here at Zaun, we spend a lot of time researching and developing fencing to ensure that we keep up to date with the latest threats and requirements of the markets we are working in. From developing brand new temporary fencing to making gates more safely to comply with the latest standards.