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Major Event Fencing

Remember the wave of public euphoria when London staged the Olympics in 2012 – or when Robbie Williams rocked Knebworth nine years earlier.

At Zaun we are constantly creating products and solutions to cater for specific market needs. Zaun ensure that a continuous plan of research and development along with investing in system technologies, our business truly sets new boundaries in perimeter protection, whether it’s politics or sport, music or culture, or even rallies and protests, security must be impeccable when public, police, performers and VIPs are gathered and the media are broadcasting events around the world.

Proven Track Record

Here at Zaun, we have all the experience and know-how from London 2012, UK party political conferences, the 2013 G8 Summit in Northern Ireland, the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, the Bilderberg Summit and the NATO summit in Wales to name a few.

Zaun’s range of temporary fencing solutions is available to suit almost any major event, with the ability to have the fencing up and out within short windows of deployment. For higher security, Zaun also has a range of PAS 68 rated gates and fencing for both permanent and temporary solutions.

Tested & Approved

Zaun’s range of high-security temporary fencing systems was designed and developed along with CPNI for use on major events around the UK, including London 2012, Glasgow 2014, NATO Summit, Party Conferences and many more.

Each of our temporary high-security fencing systems has been independently tested to PAS 68 standards to mitigate against vehicle attacks (VAW – Vehicle as a Weapon) and mob tested to ensure the fences cannot be pulled or pushed down by force by multiple assailants.

High Security Fencing Systems for Major Events

Political Events



Sporting Events

Crash Tested

Zaun’s range of fencing for major events has been independently tested and approved to PAS 68 standards. Our products RDS, MultiFence and SecureGuard have all been designed with specialist enhancements that not only protect the public from mob attacks but also from marauding vehicles.

Major Event Fencing Suitable For ALL Events

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