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Utilities Fencing

Keeping utlities running is vital for any countries infrastructure, therefore it is important that a high level of perimeter protection is required. Zaun’s high security fencing systems have been independently tested and approved by the UK’s leading test houses.

Our ArmaWeave, ArmaWeave Plus and HiSec Super 6 fencing systems are ‘Approved for Government Use’ (contact CPNI for further details), perfect for use in the Utilities sector for CNI sites.

In addition, we also have one of the widest ranges of High Security Fencing systems tested and approved by BRE to LPS1175 Issue 8 Standards including A1 (SR1), B3 (SR2), C5 (SR3) and D10 (SR4).

Fencing for Utilities

It’s easy to take our utilities for granted, the most fundamental of public services and infrastructure that society has been built on and benefitted from for centuries.

Securing a utility sites in today’s climate has become more and more important to ensure the public service and infrastructure is maintained and to make sure that the risk of a terrorist attack is at its minimum. The fence line is the first line of defence for all sites and making sure that line is the most secure ensures that the would-be intruder faces greater difficulties when trying to get into the site. Zaun’s range of PAS 68, SR1, SR2, SR3 and SR4 rated fencing have been specially designed to combat that threat.

Zaun has the CPNI experience and expertise of working with some of the most prestigious utilities companies around the world including those in telecoms, oil, gas, water and power industries. Zaun’s range of high security permanent fencing are available with high security optional extras including razor wire toppings, perimeter intruder detection systems, high definition CCTV, access control to name a few.

Fencing for Utilities

Zaun’s security fencing systems can be found protecting sites of critical national importance around the world. From the oil fields in Kuwait and Oman to UK CNI water utilities and gas sites.

Zaun’s range of high security fencing system ensures that we have the solutions for almost any site. From small compounds, security cages and underground hatches to a fully tested and approved physical security system.

Compounds & Security Cages

Sometimes it may not be necessary to fence the whole perimeter with a maximum security fence, it may be more cost effective and suitable to fence certain areas of a site that needs to provide a certain level of delay. The perimeter of the site can be secured with a lower security fence where delay is not so vital.

Compound fencing may also be used to provide a layered approach to securing the site, providing additional delay to the perimeter. It is important to understand what your response time is when looking at a fence delay. If your response time is only 1 minute then you may not require a fence with a delay of 5 minutes.

For a complete perimeter we recommend additional security measures are also used in conjunction with the fence, including toppings, PIDs and other detection technologies.

Perimeter Fencing for Demarcation

Sometimes more cost effective to fence individual compounds rather than full perimeter

Cost effective perimeter demarcation

Unique Raking Mesh System

ArmaWeave CPNI enhanced fencing system, designed with specific tolerances enabling the system to rake and follow the topography of the site without any compromise on security or system rigidity.

These unique raking abilities makes the system much easier to install on site. Reducing civils work and additional civils for additional posts for stepping. Raking the panels on-site also reduces the need for specially fabricated panels and pre-measuring of angles on site. Reducing cost for installation and material.


Utilities Fencing Suitable For ALL Utility Sites

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Zaun uplifts SR range to latest BRE standard

High security perimeter systems manufacturer Zaun has uplifted all of its Security Ratings (SR) range to the latest certifications from the Buildings Research Establishment (BRE). BRE has revised its SRs to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175 as certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and listed in their Red Book. The latest revision of

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One of the world’s premier high security perimeter protection integrators has struck a partnership agreement to better access growth markets in oil, gas and military in the Middle East. British-headquartered perimeter protection Zaun Group has partnered with the Rimal Global Group in Oman. Rimal Global group focuses on engineering, procurement, contracting and construction for renewable

Thames Water awards major ArmaWeave security upgrades

The UK’s largest water and waste company has awarded two multi-million-pound perimeter protection contracts to security fencing systems manufacturer Zaun Ltd. Thames Water Utilities extended its Security and Emergency Measures Direction framework agreement with Zaun for the supply and installation of security fencing and gates for a further two years as part of the current

Zaun develops ‘world first’ 20-minute security fence

A key customer requirement has driven a steel mesh fencing manufacturer to a probable world-beating performance in security tests. A development fencing system based on Zaun Ltd’s CorruSec resisted serious attempts at forced entry for over 20 minutes with tools including reciprocating saws and angle grinders in independent tests by Buildings Research Establishment (BRE) assessors.

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