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Parks & Playgrounds

Fencing for Parks

Zaun has a wide range of fencing solutions for public parks. Ranges include metal railings and mesh fencing for the perimeter to demarcate the park.

Sports fencing for designated Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAS) or football pitches, tennis courts, basketball courts or skate parks.

ROSPA compliant playground fencing for children’s play areas, ensuring children are safe and secure within the play area.

Demarcation Fencing for Parks

Zaun has a wide range of fencing suitable for parks and urban landscapes, ranging from metal railings such as vertical bar and bowtop to mesh fencings such as profile mesh and twin wire mesh.

All are suitable for installation in and around public park areas and can be designed and manufactured to suit any environment.

RoSPA Compliant Fencing for Playgrounds

Zaun has specifically designed a range of fencing and gates that meet the standards and specification of RoSPA to ensure children are safe from potential danger whilst also ensuring the products are safe from children potentially trapping or injuring themselves on the fencing and gates.

Our RoSPA compliant gates are manufactured with a unique slow-closing mechanism, which has adjustable closing speeds to ensure the gate does not slam onto children.

Our mesh systems are supplied with safety channels at the top of the fencing to remove any sharp edges and keeps hands and limbs protected.

Fencing Suitable for Playgrounds

Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs)

Zaun has always been known within the sports world as one of the pioneers in the UK to changing the way that sports pitches were designed. Zaun’s innovative designs and creations at the beginning are still being used today. Zaun has actively moved the industry away from traditional chain link sports pitches to much more rigid and suitable welded mesh fencing systems, which are more commonly used today.

The Zaun welded mesh fencing systems are used to play a huge variety of sports, providing users with improved gameplay experiences and site owners with a sports area that lasts with minimum maintenance, making them ideal for use on Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs)

Fencing Suitable for Public Sports Pitches & MUGAs

Latest Parks & Playgrounds News

St. Patrick’s RC Primary School

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Primary School in Romford opened their brand new multi-use games area (MUGA) to provide its students with an outdoor space to host sporting activities without being impeded by poor weather. The Voluntary Aided School, which forms part of the Diocese of Brentwood, worked with the renowned architectural firm, Munday + Cramer

Longleat pride at big cat homes

A massive investment in several big cat and large carnivore enclosures has come to fruition at one of the UK’s most popular safari parks. Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire embarked on the major upgrade over three years ago to create an enhanced visitor experience while ensuring the absolute safety for both man and animal. Longleat

Safeplay helps Zaun break new Norwegian turf

Norwegian artificial turf experts have turned to a British steel fencing manufacturer to support their move into installing MUGAs (multi-use games areas). Safeplay of Torvastad in Rogaland county has become Zaun Limited’s reseller in Norway after it won the order to install a MUGA at a new upper secondary school in Bremnes. Bremnes is a

Northampton Sports pitches take shape

A £330m state-of-the-art university is taking shape in Northampton, ready to open in 2018 with a floodlit all-weather pitch and three Multi-Use Games Areas for use by the community as well as students. Northamptonshire civil engineering firm Prestige Civil & Sports has begun construction of the sports pitches at Northampton University‘s Waterside Campus using Zaun sports fencing.

Latest Parks & Playground Blogs

MUGA enhancements to improve your MUGA

To help improve functionality and visual aspects of your Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) court/pitch, Zaun offer a number of MUGA enhancements and below are the top four you need to improve yours. 1. Netting Zaun offer three types of netting to help make the most of your MUGA. These are Ball Stop Netting, Divider Netting

How to choose the right wire mesh panels

Wire mesh panel fencing is becoming increasingly popular as a versatile and secure choice for schools and businesses. It’s quick to install and can work well in a range of settings, but it’s also important to understand that there are a few types of wire mesh panels around and choosing the right type for your

Importance of robustness in playground gates

All gates are important, but playground gates play an especially vital role. They act as a line of defence between children and whatever dangers are beyond the playground walls. Children can be high spirited when they are playing and will often get carried away. A playground gate prevents them from accidentally straying onto the road,

The importance of good adhesion in powder coating

Powder coating is the process of applying a special protective layer of coloured powder to the surface of a metal fence or gate. This electrostatically-charged powder is applied to the metal before it is placed into an oven. After being heated up, the powder particles melt together to create a smooth finish that adheres to