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Zaun’s in-house manufacturing capability, uncompromising research and development team and dedicated technical and sales support ensure our sports fences and play solutions are second to none.

Whether you are looking for sports fences for elite athletes or encouraging greater participation in activities that lead to a healthy lifestyle for children, students or the community, you are sure to find the appropriate solution at Zaun. The solutions can be found at Zaun, from professional sports clubs and grassroots sports clubs to schools, colleges, universities, and public and private pitches and courts.

Zaun’s large range of sports fences range from sport-specific fencing such as hockey or tennis, which features mesh apertures suitable for the sport, Super rebound and Duo sports fencing provides a fence suitable for a multitude of sports from football and basketball to hockey and netball, all may be played on a Multi Use Games Area or MUGA as they are also known. Zaun also has a range of goal ends and sports enhancement options to improve the sports facilities further. To complement our fencing, Check out our full range below.