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Post Caps Top Cap
Post Caps Top Cap
Zaun NBS Plus
Made In Britain

Zaun’s post caps are designed and manufactured specifically for use with our range of fence posts. Post caps are designed to fit onto the top of our posts and are used to stop water and moisture from going inside the fence post, reducing the risk of rust and water damage.

Available in a range of RAL colours to match the fence line. Designed for our fencing systems including Duo 6Duo 8Duo SportsTennisHockey and more…

These embossed post caps give protection to the post and add a stylish feel to the fence line. Supplied as standard on most posts up to 3 meters high.


All Zaun posts/panels/gates and painted auxiliary components (for example, clamp-bars, slide bolts etc.) benefit from a protective zinc layer and electrostatically applied polyester powder coating to BS1722 p16. Care is taken with pre-treatment to ensure sound adhesion between the zinc and paint layers. In a UK C1 environment, as defined in ISO 12944 p2, this should provide a useful life expectancy of the fence of at least 15-20 years. Life expectancy in all environments can be extended by maintaining the fencing with regular washing. Useful life will be reduced if the fencing is damaged. Any coating damage should be repaired to minimise the effect on useful life.

Enhanced painting systems such as marine coatings are also available for improved life expectancy in C2-C5M environments. A complete list of colours.

  • Used with our range of fencing posts
  • Stops debris, rubbish and water from going inside the post
  • It prevents people from putting their hand inside the post
  • Aesthetically pleasing topping to finish off the fence
  • Neat feature

CPD Material

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