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Security Electric Security Fencing
Security Electric Security Fencing
Made In Britain

FenceProtect Electric Security Fencing, an advanced electrified perimeter security system that fully monitors the protected boundary of the high voltage pulses on or off.

Ideally installed on sites of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI Sites). Also fully monitored high and low voltage perimeter security systems.

Our ‘true’ low voltage system design, when ‘disarmed’ and the HV pulses turned off, continues to be fully monitored even though no shocks are present when touched. If the wire is cut, shorted or tampered with then the system will still generate an alarm state. In the same way as when the HV pulses are present.

Our electric security fencing systems are tailored and zoned to meet site-specific operational and/or CCTV detection zone requirements.

Designed to provide perimeter security that deters, detects, denies and defends against potential intruders with a short, sharp, painful but regulated safe electric shock.

The zone Alarm output is provided for interfacing with CCTV and other local/remote monitoring systems.

Zaun’s electric security fence system is a physical and psychological barrier for intruders. Pulsed electrified perimeter security systems provide total security and protection of any perimeter or boundary.

The construction of the system creates a psychological and physical barrier to prevent would-be intruders from achieving their objectives.

Standards for safety and security of electric security fencing

All components used for the construction of our electric fencing systems fully comply with national and international standards including BSEN 60335 and BS1722 part 17. FenceProtect systems, designed and installed safe and secure.

A physical and psychological barrier

This pulsed electrified perimeter security system provides total security and protection of any perimeter or boundary. The construction of the FenceDetect system creates a psychological and physical barrier to prevent would-be intruders from achieving their objectives.

Would-be intruders who come into contact with the electric fence system, repelled by a regulated electric shock. Attempts to cut, load, short-circuit and also tamper with the system, detected and alarms set off.

Alarm Monitoring and Control

A real-time event memory and alarm history log automatically record all events. Including the time and date of an armed, disarmed, and alarmed system.  In the event of mains failure, standby rechargeable batteries maintain the system armed for a minimum of 10 hours. (This period can easily be extended for specific system or specification requirements).

Alarm relays are provided for each zone of protection for switching cameras, CCTV systems, security lighting or other local or remote alarm monitoring systems. Programmable electronic outputs are also available for customised alarm requirements and mimic displays.

Also ideal for use with CCTV remote monitoring and surveillance systems. The open system architecture allows our security systems to easily interfaced with other security systems, for full remote monitoring and control, including remote arming, disarming, system status, remote test and also alarm reporting by zone.

CPD Material

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