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Optimising your alarm system: a four-step guide

Optimising your alarm system: a four-step guide

24th July 2017

On this blog, we often advise our customers and prospective customers to install alarm systems. Alarms may not physically prevent intruders from entering your site or premises. Still, they can alert you and your security personnel when something isn’t right, allowing you to take appropriate action. Some criminals and intruders may also be deterred if they know that your site or premises have an alarm system. However, it’s worth noting that alarm systems are like any other security measure: they are only effective if you take steps to make sure they’re effective. That’s why we’d like to offer you some simple tips on boosting the efficacy of your alarm system.

1. Try to place alarms where CCTV cameras can’t see

Your security system probably includes CCTV cameras, but remember that they can’t see everywhere. Some areas may be shielded from a CCTV camera’s line of sight. If possible, try to alarm these areas. Intruders who avoid your CCTV cameras will be caught out by your alarm system. Don’t forget to alarm your outer perimeter as well, though!

2. Ensure your alarm system has a backup power supply

All alarm systems run on electricity, which means they can be rendered useless if there is a power cut. Unfortunately, while power cuts aren’t common, they do happen often enough to pose a threat to your security. That’s why you must connect your alarm system to an independent power supply that can serve as a backup if there’s a power cut.

3. Position alarms at every stage of your security system

It’s tempting only to alarm CCTV blind spots and your outer perimeter (which can be done by adding an alarm system to your security fencing). However, well-organised intruders may be able to overcome or circumvent a single layer of alarms. Therefore, we recommend adding alarms to the outsides of any buildings within your perimeter and placing alarms at strategic points inside those buildings. If intruders break through the first stage of your security system, they may still be caught out by alarms that you have positioned inside.

4. Make sure there’s someone around to hear your alarms

Alarms are only effective if you have security personnel waiting to respond to them. There’s no point in installing an alarm system unless you also make sure you have security personnel on-site at all times.

Alarm systems can be a very effective security measure. If you follow these tips, you should be able to get the most out of your alarms. Contact Zaun today for further advice.