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Improving lines of sight

Improving lines of sight

22nd February 2018

Seeing potential intruders and criminals before they arrive at your site or premises’ perimeter can be very useful. If you or your security personnel see would-be intruders coming, they can prepare appropriate measures to deter them or capture them. Naturally, this level of vigilance isn’t necessary for all businesses and organisations. For example, many companies and institutions need CCTV cameras that adequately cover their entrances and perimeter. However, if you run a larger, more high-profile business or organisation, you may find that a good sightline provides a crucial advantage. But how can you improve your security employees’ ability to see potential intruders?

1. Powerful lighting

CCTV cameras can be used to remotely monitor parts of your site or premises, while security personnel can be employed to keep a lookout for suspicious activity. However, neither human beings nor cameras can observe effectively in dim lighting. You probably already keep the interior of your premises lit at night, but you should also consider deploying powerful exterior lights. By lighting up the area around your premises or site instead of just the premises or site itself, you can increase the range from which it’s possible to spot would-be intruders.

2. Mesh fencing

There are many types of security fencing available. Obviously, all of them obscure vision to some extent – there’s no such thing as a completely transparent security fence! However, mesh fencing is much easier to see through than other types of fencing. The structure of mesh fencing naturally leaves large, regular gaps between strands of metal. This does not diminish the fence’s strength. Installing this type of security fencing around your perimeter can make it easier for security personnel to see outside your site and spot potential intruders.

3. Security training

Of course, spotting potential intruders isn’t just about improving lines of sight. You also need to train your security personnel to notice and identify suspicious activity.

Here at Zaun, we run RIBA approved CPD presentations on perimeter security. Contact us today for more information.