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Training security personnel to work with security fencing

Training security personnel to work with security fencing

07th September 2017

Here at the Zaun blog, we often talk about the importance of hiring competent, professional security personnel to support your security fencing and other security measures. However, it’s important to understand that security personnel need to be trained specifically to work in conjunction with security fencing to maximise the efficacy of both the fencing and the personnel. You may wish to hire security personnel who have worked in areas protected by security fencing before to minimise the amount of training necessary. In today’s blog, we’ll look at the areas where you should focus your training efforts.

1. Perimeter patrols

Your security personnel need to know what to look for when patrolling the security perimeter defined by your fencing. Obviously, they need to keep an eye open for intruders who might be trying to breach your fence. However, they should also know how to check for damage to your fencing that might enable intruders to enter or (in some cases) indicate that intruders have already tried to penetrate the perimeter. Spotting these weak points and addressing them quickly is vital for the success of your perimeter fencing solution. Security personnel can be instrumental in this process.

2. Apprehending intruders who are outside the fence

Your Zaun security fencing solution can prevent prospective intruders from getting into your site or premises. However, it can also make it tricky for your security personnel to chase down would-be intruders who they spot beyond the fence. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your security personnel know where the access points are along your perimeter and are trained to reach and use them quickly. This will enable them to catch would-be intruders who were stopped by your security fencing system.

3. Working with security fencing augmentations

You may mount CCTV cameras or alarms on your security fencing solution or even electrify it. It’s important to train security personnel to use these features effectively and ensure that they know how to interact with the hardware in a way that won’t damage it.

Here at Zaun, we can provide top-notch perimeter fencing and accessories. To make the most of it, we strongly recommend training your security personnel to work with it effectively. If you’d like more information on the security solutions we can provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch.