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Keeping a secure site open for business

Keeping a secure site open for business

23rd February 2017

If you run a business, you need to ensure that your premises are open and accessible to prospective customers while still being closed to intruders. But how can you make a highly secure premises more open without weakening your perimeter? Conversely, how can you cultivate accessibility on a site that is equipped with extensive security measures? In today’s blog, we will help you resolve this dilemma as deftly as possible.

1. Consider adding an extra entrance

Does your perimeter currently only have a single gate? If so, your lack of entry points may be creating an unnecessary sense of enclosure. What’s more, customers, employees and stock deliveries must come through the same gate if you only have one. This can lead to congestion and decrease your site’s overall feeling of openness. Simply installing a second gate for employees and deliveries in your security fencing perimeter can reduce congestion and enclosure. Ergo, it drastically increases the extent to which your site feels accessible. Obviously, entrance points can be attractive to intruders, but you can use CCTV cameras and lighting to counteract this problem (as discussed in a previous blog entry).

2. Automate your entrances

Automated entrances can be opened or closed with ease, simply by pressing a button. It’s therefore easy to open up all your entrances simultaneously and create a sense of openness instantly. If you have manually-operated gates and are short on time or staff on a particular day, you might need to leave some of them closed to avoid wasting time. However, by automating your entrances, you can ensure that it is always possible to open all of them and cultivate accessibility. Our automated entrance solutions here at Zaun are also highly secure, which is another advantage.

3. Lower your fences

Have you considered installing lower security fencing? While taller fencing isn’t automatically foreboding, it doesn’t promote the same feeling of openness offered by slightly lower fencing. As a result, you may feel that opting for fencing of reduced height is a risk. However, you can reduce this risk by opting for sharp-tipped railings instead of conventional fencing or by adding fence toppings. This will serve as a strong disincentive for most prospective intruders.

If you need any further advice on ensuring that a secure site is accessible and open to customers, feel free to get in touch with Zaun.