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3 factors to consider before installing security gates

3 factors to consider before installing security gates

24th June 2021

Choosing the right security option for your premise is not just about the perimeter fencing. Security gates also play a vital role in intruder deterrence, as they are often the first line of defence. Below, we take a look at 3 things to consider before settling for your next access system.


Different sites come with different spaces and will, therefore, require varying entry and exit points. Facilities such as industrial sites often utilise large spaces, making them the perfect candidates for large entryways. If you operate such a facility, electronic security gates present the best option. These guarantee ease of access due to the constant traffic flow, not forgetting the high security that comes with such a system.

On the other hand, limited space calls for narrower security gates or solutions that reduce the space required for an opening, such as bi-folding gates. So, whether you operate a data centre or a school, your security needs will still be met.


Location may seem like an obvious factor, but unknown to many, it can present its own set of challenges. Elements such as the slope of your access points and the wind direction will dictate how well your gate motors operate. If your access point slopes upwards, consider mounted security gates for easy vehicular access. If a gate is installed on a slope, thought needs to be given to the gap at the bottom of the gate. To overcome this, a brush or gusset may be installed, so the gate can open and shut, but maintain an acceptable gap at the bottom that an intrude cannot sneak under, or anyone cannot get trapped.

Your security provider

A high-security system is only as good as its providers. If you are looking for a security gates installer, consider factors such as qualifications and experience. How long has your provider been in the security gates business? Vast experience equates to superior knowledge, an assurance that your perimeter fencing is in safe hands. Along with this, look up your provider’s reviews. Customer reviews are a reflection of the work ethic and standards you are likely to get.

At Zaun, we specialise in state-of-the-art access gates guaranteed to provide high security for your site. Please find out more about these and other perimeter fencing solutions by contacting us today.