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Top playground fencing factors to consider

Top playground fencing factors to consider

17th July 2018

When it comes to children, most love to get outside and play at their local playground. These wonderful public spaces give them a chance to get active, play with friends and get some fresh air. But, of course, they do not come without their dangers for children either! That’s why getting the right kind of security fencing is essential. Doing so will keep the playground safe and secure for the kids who enjoy using it.

But what should you be thinking about when it comes to playground perimeter fencing?


While we all love dogs, they are not appropriate in a children’s playground. They bring health hazards, the chance of attacks on innocent children and potential damage to the playground itself. With this in mind, your security fencing needs to be able to keep them outside. You obviously need fencing high enough to keep them from jumping over it and a gate that opens outwards to stop them from dashing in.

The appearance of the fencing

There is no doubt that the first concern with any fencing is security, but you also want the playground to look inviting to kids still. Suppose it looks like a prison, then they will not want to use it. With this in mind, try to use coloured fencing in softer designs to achieve a warmer effect. Welded and wove mesh perimeter fencing is also ideal for looking inviting while giving superb protection.

Get durable fencing

The security fencing in any kids’ playground will get a lot of wear and tear! This means it has to be durable and tough to avoid any damaged areas hurting playing children. A jagged edge where a piece of fencing has broken away is very dangerous to any child running near it. Make sure to install the best quality and long-lasting fencing you can find.

Let Zaun help today

If you need the very best security fencing and gates for any children’s play area, give Zaun a call today. We will install the best type for your needs and ensure it’s an area that children are safe to enjoy themselves in.