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Designing effective mental health fencing

Designing effective mental health fencing

07th December 2017

Although many people suffer from mental health issues, it remains a somewhat taboo subject. Despite this, numerous people are obtaining help from in-patient programs via the NHS and private health facilities.

As in any hospital environment, buildings and perimeters need to be secure. Mental health fencing can, therefore, provide a suitable form of security in hospital settings. Although the necessary security requirements vary depending on the nature of the facility, it’s always important to have secure perimeter fencing.

Securing hospitals and treatment centres

With various options available, perimeter fencing can secure a location without being displeasing to the eye. The DUO6 range of perimeter fencing, for example, provides a double wire mesh system in a choice of colours. In keeping with existing external paintwork or fixtures, this type of perimeter fencing can provide a high level of security without being imposing.

Similarly, the GEMINI range is ideal for low-security mental health fencing. As well as providing security via twin horizontal wires, GEMINI fencing is available in concave, convex, wave and surf, meaning that it can be used decoratively.

For inpatient mental health facilities to provide a welcoming entrance rather than a daunting environment. Using decorative fencing systems or bespoke perimeter fencing, facilities can ensure that their sites are kept secure and that patients or residents are comfortable.

Managing high-security mental health facilities

Although the vast majority of people with mental health issues do not pose a danger to anyone at all, there are treatment facilities for patients who may become violent or experience potentially damaging outbursts.

Due to this, alternative security measures may be appropriate. If the patient has also been convicted of a crime, the facility may need to prevent them from leaving and keep them under observation. In such cases, perimeter fencing such as HiSec or ArmaWeave can offer suitable perimeter security in conjunction with intrusion detection and monitoring systems.

Combining a high mesh fencing system with underground protection, this type of perimeter solution also offers an intrusion detection system and detects cutting or climbing. When a high level of security is required, a robust system offers everything you need.

To find out more about providing effective security solutions in hospitals and mental health facilities, contact us today.