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One of the first stages of our service is to use our highly skilled and experienced team to provide consultation and site surveys for each fencing project. This ensures that Zaun can provide the most appropriate and cost-effective solution available for our customers.

As part of the consultation and site survey, there are several areas we need to consider:

  • Level of security needed – Our experienced staff can provide our customers with the perfect recommendation for the security required with careful considerations of the client’s needs and what is required. Zaun can provide our customers with a suitable recommendation without over-specking or under-specking the fencing at need. This can include:
    • Height of the fencing
    • Type of posts and base plates
    • Type of infill materials – e.g. vertical bar or mesh etc.
    • Type of fixings
    • Other additions such as toppings, PIDs or electrification etc.
  • Aesthetics – The look of the perimeter fencing system can be an important part of your brand and the look of your company or building. This can be the fencing’s colour, shape, or branding to match the building the fence is protecting. We can also design, manufacture and install entirely bespoke fencing if required.  The site survey combined with the customer’s requirements will establish the level of aesthetics required.
  • Cost – Zaun fully understands that the optimum solution for a fencing project might also be the most expensive one; therefore, fully understanding what cost parameters exist at the earliest stage of a project allows us to propose a solution that can be afforded.
  • Gates – Swing and sliding gates can be designed, manufactured and installed to suit the fence solution installed to the exact size requirements.
  • Scheduling and delivery – It is important that we fully understand the overall scheduling of the project to ensure we build this into our detailed proposal. If we are awarded the fencing contract, we will ensure that the agreed scheduling and delivery adhere.