Terror Stopper PAS 68 Bi-Folding Gates

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PAS 68 Bi-Folding Gate
PAS 68 Bi-Folding Gate
Zaun NBS Plus
Made In Britain
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The Terror Stopper PAS68 bi-folding gates have been successfully tested at 40mph and 50mph with a 7.5T (N2 and N3) vehicle respectively. The arrestor system has been produced to the lowest penetration classification in its class. With shallow foundations and extremely low penetration, both products provide a superb engineered solution for hostile vehicle mitigation.

Independently tested to PAS68 Classification to 7.5T (N2) @ 40 mph (64kph) PAS68:2010 V/7500(N2)/64/90:0.8/0.0 and Crash Tested to 7.5T (N3) @ 50 mph (80kph), PAS68:2010 V/7500(N3)/80/90:0.7/0.0. Successfully impacted PAS 68, stopping a 7.5-tonne vehicle with zero penetration and remaining fully functional after impact.


The gate is supplied from the factory as a complete assembled tested unit. Both the 40mph and 50mph products have the same foundations with a depth of only 380mm. For a clear opening of 4.2m, the base dimensions are approximately 5.6m x 2.6m x0.38m.


Steel construction, galvanised and powder coated to a standard RAL colour. Vertical bar infill with options of different mesh and security topping available.


The gate is tested for a clear opening of 4.2m and can be manufactured for heights up to 5m. Outside dimensions over the posts are 4.8m and allowing for control cabinets is 5.4m. The overall height for the gate at 2.4m is approximately 2.8m allowing for the base frame.

Drives and Controls

The gate is hydraulically driven with a bespoke power pack and cylinder producing a smooth quiet operation with few moving parts. The gate has a powerful PLC with built-in diagnostics and programmable inputs and outputs that can provide numerous options depending on client requirements.

Electrical Supply

The gate requires a single phase 240volt 60Hz 16amp supply.


The gate comes as standard with CAT3 safety edges and a light curtain that protects the threshold. Additional options include laser safety devices to protect zones. This device can also be used to produce an alarm output should someone be in the vicinity of the gate when it is closed. The control panel also has a dual channel loop card compatible with safety induction loops if required.


Gate servicing recommended twice per annum


The gate is powered by a hydraulic power pack that also controls the locking pin. Typical operating times are 8-9 seconds after allowing the pin to raise and lower. The gate is very smooth and quiet with exceptional control in both directions. In the event of a power failure, the gate has a full manual override system.

PAS 68 Rating

BSI PAS 68 is the Publicly Available Specification for vehicle security fencing, gates, blockers, bollards and barriers. It has become the standard and benchmark for all Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVMproducts. It is in this specification that all physical perimeter security equipment is tested to prevent vehicle-borne attacks.

BSI PAS68:2010 V/7500(N2)/64/90:0.8/0.0
Vehicle Test Weight Vehicle Class Vehicle Speed (KPH) Vehicle Angle Vehicle Penetration (m) 25KG+ Dispersion (m)
V/7500KG N2 64 90 0.8 0.00
BSI PAS68:2010 V/7500(N3)/80/90:0.7/0.0
Vehicle Test Weight Vehicle Class Vehicle Speed (KPH) Vehicle Angle Vehicle Penetration (m) 25KG+ Dispersion (m)
V/7500KG N3 80 90 0.7 0.00

This Publicly Available Specification (PAS) addresses the requirements of companies and organisations who want to guarantee that the perimeter vehicle barriers will provide the level of impact resistance they are aiming for.

PAS68 identifies impact test methods, tolerances, test vehicle type and vehicle performance criteria that need to be met to conform to PAS68.


All Zaun posts/panels/gates and painted auxiliary components (for example, clamp-bars, slide bolts etc.) benefit from a protective zinc layer and electrostatically applied polyester powder coating to BS1722 p16. Care is taken with pre-treatment to ensure sound adhesion between the zinc and paint layers. In a UK C1 environment, as defined in ISO 12944 p2, this should ensure a useful life expectancy of the fence of at least 15-20 years. Life expectancy in all environments can be extended by maintaining the fencing with regular washing. Useful life will be reduced if the fencing is damaged. Any coating damage should be repaired to reduce the effect on useful life.

Enhanced painting systems such as marine coatings are also available for improved life expectancy in C2-C5M environments. For a full list of colours, click here

  • This automated bi-fold gate is capable of blending seamlessly with any building, or site perimeter, remaining outwardly similar to a non-crash tested Trackless Bi-Folding Gate
  • Shallow foundation 330mm (plus surface finish)
  • Fibre Technology
  • Trackless
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Opening and closing in approximately 8-9 seconds. Add 3 seconds for locking pin.
  • Power 240v 16amp
  • It is fully capable of continuous operation – 100% duty cycle
  • Ideally suited to shallow and/or utility-congested substructure
  • Zero site penetration
  • Fully functional after impact
  • Variable heights available

CPD Material

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