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Worn keypad gives migrants access to Britain from Calais

Worn keypad gives migrants access to Britain from Calais

13th August 2015

A group of 30 migrants walked through the UK’s advanced border by simply guessing the code on a keypad security gate near Calais. Worn keys on the keypad gave away the numbers that formed the code, and the men guessed the sequence to get into Britain and beat what should have been some of the most advanced security fencings in the country.

A newspaper investigation revealed that the migrants walked a mile through the Coquelles Channel Tunnel, and when confronted with the security gate, they guessed it right.

This is a major concern for the UK government, which faces a great deal of criticism for the sheer volume of illegal immigration that is happening, with migrants in Calais determined to make the trip to Britain. Recent newspaper stories have shown migrants climbing aboard lorries or hanging off the chassis as they enter the country.

Working with the French border patrols in Calais, the UK government has invested more than £2 million in detection technology, £1 million in dog teams and an additional £12 million to bolster security on the country’s most vulnerable border.

Questions will be asked, though, when a team of presumably unskilled migrants were able to bypass these security measures with such consummate ease.

David Cameron has pledged to take a personal interest in the security measures at Dover, including beefing up security in the tunnel itself as migrants have been known to walk across from France and face arduous conditions and potentially fatal risks.

The fencing in and around Dover will also come under scrutiny as the border authorities look to secure the port and prevent more migrants from simply slipping through undetected.

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