FenceDetect Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

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Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems from Harper Chalice PIDs perimeterdetection
Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems from Harper Chalice PIDs perimeterdetection
Made In Britain

Zaun Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS). A fence mounted perimeter detection system designed for all types of security fencing systems and toppings providing early warning of any intrusion attempt.

These perimeter intrusion detection systems have a proven track record for the protection of all types of risk from normal commercial risks from; industrial estates, factories, garages and warehouses to military and Government premises, prisons and also CNI sites (Critical National Infrastructure).

FenceDetect perimeter intrusion detection systems provide zone alarm outputs for integration with CCTV and other remote monitoring technologies. Installed PIDS onto security fences, designed to monitor penetration or climbing of the security fence together with FenceDetect to provide an electrified topping system that ensures the highest level of intruder detection and deterrent.

How a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System works

The piezoelectric sensor cable, installed to the structure that requires protecting. Audible signals and vibrations are generated during an attack. Transmits to the FenceDetect seismic analyser for detection. The analyser detection channels are programmed to detect penetration, cutting, climbing, jacking and also attempts to sabotage the system.

There are various versions of the piezoelectric sensor cable available to cater for different types of applications and risks. The perimeter intrusion detection system sensor cable, supplied in flexible stainless steel conduit for high-security risks. A full range of fixing accessories are also available for fixing the sensor cable to different forms of security fencing and structures.

Where are PIDS installed?

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems are used on virtually all types of fencing including; welded mesh, prison mesh and also ArmaWeave. This PIDS system has no topological limitations. Depending on fence type, to gain optimum performance. Installation and setup match the detection characteristics and operational requirements for the fence type being protected.

Perimeter Detection, Alarm Monitoring & Control

FenceDetect PIDS operated by system analysers that operate from 12v to 24vDC. Zone alarm relays normally closed open to alarm volt 3 outputs. The FenceDetect alarm outputs easily interfaces with all types of CCTV and also alarm monitoring systems. FenceDetect Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems are ideal for use with CCTV remote monitoring and also surveillance systems.

  • Fence mountable PIDS system
  • Different types of sensor wires available to cater for different applications and risk
  • Ideal for use on almost any Zaun mesh system
  • Quality Assured
  • Ease of installation (Can be fitted to an existing or new fence)
  • Cost-Effective for small and large applications
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Suitable for high-security applications
  • Field-proven reliability even in difficult environments
  • Low maintenance
  • Low nuisance alarm rate
  • High detection rate
  • Can be used with CCTV / Access control

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