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Protecting Assets – The four types and how to protect them

Protecting Assets – The four types and how to protect them

28th December 2017

All large businesses and organisations are dependent on multiple different assets, all of which must be carefully secured and protected. A business’s defensible assets can generally be divided into four categories: premises, hardware, stock and data. Here at Zaun, we understand that protecting each type of asset presents unique challenges. That’s why we’d like to discuss how to defend each one in today’s blog effectively.

1. Premises

Your premises must be defended from intruders and disruptive influences for your business or organisation to function smoothly. As we’ve discussed in many previous blogs, different types of premises require different security measures. In general, however, a premise requires security fencing that either surrounds it or blocks access from certain directions, ensuring everyone who enters the premises has to use a controlled, authorised access point. We also recommend using CCTV cameras and alarm systems alongside any security measures specific to your type of business or organisation. Remember, the key to defending your premises is establishing a perimeter and ensuring that no unauthorised individuals can pass it.

2. Hardware

Office equipment, industrial equipment, computers and other items that you might need to run your business or organisation need to be protected from thieves. If they are stored on-site or on your premises, the defence measures described in point 1 can help protect them. However, you should also ensure that smaller items are kept in locked rooms, drawers or safes to prevent them from being stolen during operating hours. Heavier pieces of hardware that have to be kept outside or in larger, more open spaces should be stored in mesh cages.

3. Stock

If your business or organisation deals in physical products, it’s important to keep your stock as safe as possible. Large quantities of saleable items should be stored in warehouses that aren’t near your storefronts. Most petty thieves won’t go out of their way to target warehouses. What’s more, you can deploy additional security measures at warehouses that aren’t practical for defending public-facing premises. Stock kept in your main premises, or a store should be packed away in locked, alarmed storage rooms overnight if possible.

4. Data

Most modern businesses are dependent on sensitive digital information. You should follow our above advice for protecting hardware against external or internal threats, as well as CCTV if necessary to deter the unlawful use of certain technology and equipment such as computers and servers. However, you can also protect your data using encryption and by backing up all your information to the cloud.

By utilising the right security measures for every type of asset in your business, you can minimise risk and ensure that your business isn’t disrupted by thieves, vandals and other intruders. We offer a wide range of security products that can help defend all your assets, so contact Zaun today for more information.