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A practical guide to securing office buildings

A practical guide to securing office buildings

08th June 2017

Does your business or organisation own or operate from a tall office building? Unfortunately, office buildings are enticing targets for certain criminals as they often contain valuable goods. What’s more, they contain important documents that unscrupulous rivals might be willing to purchase to learn your business’s secrets. Because office buildings are such tempting targets for miscreants, here at Zaun, we believe that it is important that you understand the challenges involved in securing them and how to overcome them. That’s why, in today’s blog, we’d like to provide you with some valuable advice regarding how to secure office buildings.

1. Check for high-up access points

Most buildings are only a few storeys tall, limiting the number of potential access points that would-be intruders can take advantage of. However, office buildings tend to be considerably taller, which means they may have high-up access points. For example, if there are other buildings adjacent to your offices, intruders may attempt to get up onto the roofs of these buildings and then enter your offices through windows on high-up floors. We recommend installing CCTV and alarms on every floor of your office building to pre-empt these attacks. When your offices are empty, you should also ensure that all windows are closed and locked.

2. Be aware of a large number of people in your building

Large office buildings can accommodate hundreds of employees. The sheer number of people present in these buildings may make it easier for criminals and miscreants to sneak in alongside legitimate employees and visitors. But how can you address such insidious intrusion attempts? We recommend installing a security gate in the security fencing around your building. Security gates require either a code or some type of key to open, meaning that only legitimate employees and visitors can get through them.

3. Look for hidden intruders

Due to the sheer size of office buildings, intruders can find plenty of places to hide if they manage to get inside. If an intruder enters an office building under false pretences during the day, it’s relatively simple for them to hide until the building is closed up for the night. Once an intruder is inside the building at night, they can obviously do a lot of damage (either by stealing valuable items or committing other crimes). That’s why we suggest hiring security personnel to make a thorough inspection of the building before locking it up for the night. This process should ensure that any hidden intruders are discovered before they can harm your business.

At Zaun, we can provide you with security fencing, security gates, CCTV cameras and alarm systems that are suitable for office buildings, so get in touch with us when you’re ready to secure your offices.