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Think Like an Intruder – Protect your business effectively

Think Like an Intruder – Protect your business effectively

06th November 2020

It is all too easy to see things from only our own perspective and not consider them from another viewpoint. Unfortunately, this happens a lot in our personal lives, and many people do not take the time to step into someone else’s shoes when issues arise. This idea is also something that can be applied to keeping your business secure. While you may think you have done everything you can to keep your premises safe, have you thought about it from the viewpoint of an intruder?

While you might believe this to be the same, what potential intruders consider insecurity may not always align with what you think. But what could any intruder be looking for when trying to break into your grounds?

An exposed perimeter

Many intruders are actually opportunists who walk around an area, looking for an ad-hoc chance to cause damage or steal equipment. The first thing most look for is an exposed business that has no perimeter security to bypass. This makes it so much easier for them when compared to breaking into somewhere which does have perimeter fencing. If you already have security fencing, they will also look for broken or damaged sections that can easily slip through. Even if you have a small section of fencing in this state, they can often make it big enough to get through quite easily.

No CCTV cameras or alarms

Most intruders will also look for businesses that do not have other effective security measures in place. The most common things they will want to avoid are CCTV cameras and fencing/buildings with active alarm systems. All intruders fear these measures for their attention and the hard evidence of their identity CCTV pictures could give.

What is inside to steal?

Although you may get some intruders wanting to cause damage to your grounds or buildings merely, many will be there to steal items. With this in mind, most will look for a business that gives them a clear view of what is inside from the outside. This saves them from taking the risk and wasting time on breaking into somewhere with nothing worth taking. With this in mind, you should ensure all blinds are shut when people leave for the day, and nothing is left on-show.

Effective security fencing with Zaun

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