CageDetect Security Cage Detection System

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Cage Intrusion Detection
Cage Intrusion Detection
Made In Britain

A CageDetect high-security cage detection system. Designed to protect goods or plant secured within a security cage. The Security Cage Detection System, suitable for the protection of internal or external security cages.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems detect noises and vibrations that occur during intrusion attempts. The CageDetec detection system features a piezoelectric cable attached to the mesh of the cage. Attempts to penetrate the structure create a series of mechanical noises/vibrations. Detected by the sensor cable and converted into electrical signals.

The security cage detection system features an analyser, set up to detect attempts to penetrate the security cage. The sensor cable has optimum detection and signal to noise ratio for improved detection and reduced nuisance alarms. The extremely versatile sensor cable has almost no detection capability limitations and is applied for the protection of all types of security structures, cages, walls, floors and also roofs.

CageDetect comprises an analyser and a sensor cable and systems are fully monitored. All powered by only 12VDC. Clean alarm relay contacts are also provided for each zone plus a tamper alarm for interfacing directly with all types of security management and monitoring systems.

Designed using standard components, configured and installed to meet with the specific cage design, dimensions and also operational requirements.

Security Cage Detection & System Integration

Our Security Cage Detection System easily and simply integrates with new or also existing security systems. Able to integrate with Security Video Management Systems (VMS), CCTV, Access Control and also other security systems to provide a totally secure cage solution.

Security Cages Available

Using our mesh manufacturing capabilities, Zaun produces high quality, high-security cages suitable to store a wide range of equipment, gas bottles, goods, plant equipment or anything else that is required to be locked away. Zaun can produce a security cage to any required size, any requirement using our standard range of mesh and gate solutions.

  • Ideal for use with SR1, SR2, SR3 or SR4 rated security cages
  • Piezoelectric detection is able to provide excellent signal to noise ratio
  • Operating temperature of -40C to +70C
  • Housing IP67 Die-cast aluminium
  • Maximum zone length of up to 300m
  • Quick installation with a single point setup
  • Reduced points of failure
  • Integrates with security systems

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