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Why you need a mesh cage storage solution, even if you have security fencing

Why you need a mesh cage storage solution, even if you have security fencing

06th December 2016

In addition to manufacturing and supplying ultra-secure perimeter fencing solutions and security apparatus, we at Zaun also offer mesh cage storage options. Mesh cages are perfect for storing high-value equipment and machinery. They can also be used to keep potentially hazardous materials (such as bottled gases and chemicals) out of harm’s way. In addition, it is hard for intruders and criminals to break into them, and they are very durable thanks to their stable structure and resilient metal. But do you really need mesh cages if your premises or site is already protected by security fencing? We’re certain that the answer is ‘yes. Mesh storage cages offer several crucial benefits, even if your business is already protected by fencing.

1. Protection from accidents

Security fencing is often sufficient to prevent intruders and criminals from accessing your premises. However, your valuable equipment and machinery can still be damaged accidentally by staff members if left exposed. Similarly, dangerous substances can be knocked over or released by accident. By storing these things in mesh cages, you can minimise the risk of mishaps and protect both your employees and your equipment from damage.

2. Additional security

We at Zaun pride ourselves on the impeccable quality of our fencing and security measures. However, there is always a small chance that a particularly determined and cunning intruder will breach your perimeter and get into your premises. If this happens, it’s important to ensure that they can’t get their hands on valuable equipment or hazardous substances. Mesh cages add an extra layer of security that can prevent them from getting to these substances or pieces of apparatus.

3. Tidy storage

Mesh cages offer great security, but they also serve another function: they provide a place where you can store equipment neatly and tidily both indoors and outdoors. Nobody likes tripping over machinery or equipment that isn’t in use, so why not tuck it away in a mesh cage? It makes your business visually smarter to customers and visitors too.

Here at Zaun, we believe that mesh cages are essential for any business that needs to store valuable equipment or hazardous chemicals, even if it is already protected by fencing. So check out our range of mesh cage storage solutions today.